Friday, July 10, 2009

A small update....

Hello, Everyone~

This is Tiffany's friend Ashley and I just wanted to give everyone a small update, on how their day is going so far.

They left town this morning about 9:30 and stopped in Austin to eat some breakfast. Tiff wrote me a message and of course said, "she had NO appetite!!", and I told her she better eat a little something. After, breakfast they headed to the dr. office so that Zach could get is SA done. Zach was nervous, but he survived..haha! They are now at the Fertitlity Clinic waiting to talk to their dr. and to see what all is going to need to happen. They are in really good spirits today and please pray that they hear some good news. Tiffany, actually sent me a pic of the beautiful fish tank that is in the waiting room bc she wanted me to see how relaxing it is and so that I could feel like I was there with her!! That is all that I know for now, but she will def. give you guys the full story tonight.

She is putting little updates on her twitter, so if you want to see what's going on thru out the day.

Thank you all for all of the sweet comments and prayers that you are sending their way!! They are 2 of the sweetest and most deserving ppl. that I know and I just want for all of their dreams to come true!!!



Amy said...

Good luck!

Julie said...

I am praying for you guys! Just got caught up on your blog. SO happy that insurance will cover some of the costs...what a blessing! I will be thinking of you today!

Veronica said...

Tiff...sorry I haven't left you a comment in a couple of days. I just read this post that Ashley wrote and then checked your Twitter updates. The last one sounded awesome! I am so excited that everything went so well. Praise God!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I just got to read the twitter updates, and I'm so excited for you I do believe I'm gonna pee!

Ahh, what a relief, you guys can relax some and enjoy your weekend now that your 1st appt is over!

Love you!

ShannonLeideker said...

Just read your glad everything went well! Can't wait for the "i'm pregnant" post!! Praying it comes soon.

Amber said...

Just read the Twiiter and it sounds like you are in great hands and on your way to the "Im pg" post

Stephanie said...

Praying for you today Tiff!!!!! Hope today went great...of course I just know it did :)

the need for a father? said...

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