Monday, July 20, 2009

Zach- Q & A Post

Tiffany didn't heard from the Doctor today. The nurse called and told her that there was quite a few unexpected IUI's and other procedures that had to happen today that would keep him busy till 6:00. She said that she will have him review all of our stuff and have him call us later tonight or tomorrow.

Now onto the Question and Answers from your one and only ME...Zachary that is! =)

Describe yourself in 5 words:

What's the most hurtful thing someone has said to you through this?
Theres not just one thing. There have been several times people have made comments which are hurtful to Tiffany or I. To name a couple...when people say that pregnancy and/or parenting sucks, when people tell us point blank that we don't know what it's like to be parents, when people tell us that God doesn't want us to be parents...

Whats it like from a spouses stand point to have an infertile wife/spouse?
It's hard watching her have to go through all the procedures, I wish that she alone did not have to carry all the weight; I wish that there was more I could do to help her through it vs. just being her "support"...she is a very strong women and I'm not certain that I could be this strong if I was in her shoes.

What do you think about your wife blogging about y'alls personal life?
If blogging about our own personal life and about our struggles with infertility helps others and gives them inspiration to get through there hard times...then why stop? I was unaware that Tiffany started a family blog at first, I figured it was just another "site" that she really liked at the time...her blogging about our life has helped many others as well as her, as long as people respect our lives and our opinions I am perfectly fine with her doing what she does.

What are your favorite past time activities?
BBQ'ing with family and friends and throwing horse shoes in the back yard, sitting outside on a nice night with family and friends is my idea of the perfect TX past time activity.

What are you looking forward to the most about becoming a father?
Everything! feeling the baby kick inside Tiff's belly, finding out what we are having, painting the nursery, holding them when there first born, having a daddy's girl who is wrapped around my finger or a little mini me follow me around the house, hearing the words "I love you dad", spending every moment with my child and watching him/her grow.

How do you think y'alls 4 legged children will do when you have a baby?
They will be jelous at first. I think they will be ok over time, but in the begining they will miss having all our attention...

How did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Tiffany?
She is everything I've ever wanted in a women. She is the sweetest and most caring women and my eveything and I am blessed to be able to call her my wife.

What has been the hardest part about this journey?
Having all your friends have positive pregnancy test after positive while your still seeing negitive after negitive. It seems as though everyone we know has told us they are expecting, it's not we are mad or upset they are pregnant, it's just some have forgotten were still back here's easy to be left when your on this journey.

Do you ever get tired of TTC?
yes and no...
yes-it does get a little "routine" at times. I would love nothing more that to be completely done trying and be able to move forth with parenting, but we are not in control.
no-because practice makes perfect ;)

Do you have any advice that could help my husband understand infertility better; were new to this and I know it's hard for him to understand, just curious if you have any helpful tidbits?
Remember that someone aways has to be strong, pick each other up when one is down, always try to think positive, try to look at the glass half full, try to block out the negitive thoughts and know that somewhere in this mess God does have a plan for you. I know it's hard at times to be strong, but if you try then you can get through anything God hands you.

Can you tell me one pet peeve you have about your wife?
There really isn't alot that she does that aggrivates me, the only thing that I can think of is she leaves hangers everywhere when she takes her clothes off of them!

Are you as nervous about this new chapter as Tiffany is?
In a way yes, only because you don't know what will happen or what we will find out.

What are your thoughts on adoption?
I would love to, when the time is right.

Are you scared of having multiples?
No, bring it on =)

What is your favorite quality about your wife?
How strong she has been through all of this and she is the sweetest women I've ever met, she would do anything to help her family and friends in need, you can always count on Tiffany to be there for you, she is very positive and often reminds me that we can get through anything as long as we have faith-not to mention she has the coolest husband ;)

Thanks for the Questions,


Kathy Lang said...

Enjoyed reading Zach's answers! It's very obvious how much he loves his wife, and how much he longs to be a father!

Elise said...

Hi, i have been following your blog for about a month or two. I love how honest you guys are, and will be praying that you will have your own positive test to be celebrating about soon!

Following Him said...

Amazing answers Zach! I am amazed at yours and Tiffany's strength through this entire process. You both will be GREAT parents one day. HUGS, PRAYERS, and LOVE!

Stephanie said...

He sounds so sweet!

Good job Zach!!!!!

Angela said...

Wonderful answers!!!! I love the part about the hangers. ;)

twondra said...

Love the answers and love getting to know you Zach!

Chickie said...

Too sweet!!! Thanks for answering the questions for us!!! I am praying for you guys!!!

Rosie said...

I can't believe YOU leave hangers on the floor. *GASP* lol. j/k

I liked all his answers. He's so honest and sweet. Make sure HE knows that he's not alone and there are other men out there inspired by his strength as well as yours.

Love ya'll!!

Ashley said...

I am so glad that he did the q&a! I was wondering when this was going to be posted. Ya'll two are so lucky to have one another. Ya'll are def. a great support system and ya'll will get thru this. I wish that the dr. would hurry up and call you bc I don't know how much more waiting I can stand! I want to know what he says the next step will be.

I love you guys~

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Zach. We can tell you have an amazing wife..I'm kinda partial to her like that, but it's so great to read your answers and know you are an amazing husband to her (as she has said MANY times I might add)!

It did make me cry to know you hurt as much as she does going through IF, but also happy tears to know you both will be the best parents EVER once your little bundle (or two) is in your arms!

I pray for you both often.

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