Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Look---and Updates

I have had many of people tell me that my button doesn’t work anymore, or that it has disappeared…well I contacted my ‘lifesaver’, Juls, and not only did she fix my button but she jazzed my blog up with a whole new look!!! I love it! It's so 'vintage-ey' (I know thats not a word...I made it up and I like it! ha!)

If you would like you can grab my new button on the left hand side of my page :)

A couple updates—

Zach and his family—they are still going through the grieving process, some are taking it better than others, some are hiding there feelings, some are releasing there emotions…however all still need your prayers. It’s been almost 5 years since I lost my grandpa and it still breaks me every time I think about it, so please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Mom- my mom is so/so…we thought for a minute yesterday that she was going to have to go to the ER b/c her blood pressure went really low—however it picked up some so the home health nurse told her she didn’t have to go. She is still waiting to hear back as to when she will go in for further testing’s…please continue to pray for her.

Dad- he did go to the Dr. and the Dr. thinks him collapsing may just be his sodium (it was the only thing that came back semi’ abnormal on his lab work)…his Dr thinks that his chest hurting and his arms hurting could be due to the heavy fall…however he will be going soon for a stress test just to be on the safe side—please pray that when this happens that it comes back normal.

Me-I feel like I was standing against a brick wall and a train came and plowed into me. I am still as stiff as a board, my neck is hurting, my back is aching, I really could use a massage right now, my elbow hurts, my head is pounding-- :( BUT I am alive, and I will be ok!!!

I know I end every post with “thank you for the prayers” and so forth…but I really can’t tell you enough HOW thankful I am!!


Mandy Jo said...

Love the new look! I will add your button to my blog;)

Mandy Jo said...

For some reason your button isn't working:(

Amber said...

Love the new look!

Kristin said...

LOVE the new design....Julie is so talented!

Penny1215 said...

I bet a chiropractor could do wonders for you. You should check into it. I hope you feel better soon. Keeping your family in my prayers.

Lauren Kelly said...

Love the new look!

Thinking of you Tiffany!!

Rosie said...

I'm Loving the vintage-ey look Tiff! You're gonna have to add your button to my blog though ;)
I'm glad things are looking up for your dad and I'll continue to keep everyone in my prayers.

The Simmons Family said...

Of course Vintagy is a word... isn't it? LOVE the new look!!!

Amber Schmidt said...

The blog looks totally fabulous! LOVE IT!

Kristina said...

Try a chiropractor for SURE. (but get a's so scary to just go to one that you know nothing about. Just like a Dr, there are good ones and bad ones!) Insurance should cover it and a massage. I hit my head in a minor accident when I was in HS and we got compensated VERY well.

Our IUI didnt work, either. On to plan W. :(

KJ said...

Love the new look girl! Praying for YOU and your family! Hang in there honey- I'm so sorry you are sore but so thankful you're safe! Bigs hugs- have a wonderful long weekend with your man!

Stephanie said...

It just seems like everything is happening at once in your life. You deserve a break!!!!!!!

Hope you and Zach had a wonderful time both need it!!!!!

Mimi said...

You are always on my mind honey. I pray for you and for your family all the time.

Love you,

twondra said...

Love the new look! Your family is definitely in my prayers!!

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