Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pifer Life

(I am sorry this Pifer Life is a day late...I haven't been on my computer much the past couple days...)

Count Down With The Pifers

ALL the holidays of course! As I’ve said before I love decorating so I am most def. counting these days down.


Family Updates

Zach- has finally been officially released from the Dr. He no longer has to attend physical therapy. He isn’t allowed to run or have any sort of strain on it until after December.

Mom- still don’t know anything else at this moment, we are waiting to see when she will go in for further testing’s. I will keep y’all updated, please keep the prayers coming.

Dad- He is doing great, still hasn’t been scheduled for his stress test, but he feels and looks great. I will keep y’all updated on him as well, please keep him in your prayers.

Me-I am doing better. My head still hurts and I am still having quite a bit upper back pain (mostly towards the end of the day)…I am looking into chiropractors as well as massages therapist; I just haven’t had time to call any yet. Other than those little discomforts, I am doing great.



Many have asked, so I wanted to take this time to tell everyone, Zach and I are still actively trying to conceive. We are trying the al’natural way—taking one day at a time and praying for patience while God guides us through his plan.

I apologize again...I still have purple pictures that I need to add, I am so sorry I have yet to add them—it’s just been a hectic couple weeks, one thing happening after another…they will be up soon. Promise.


Big events over the weekend…

This weekend was a much needed 3 day weekend.

Friday night, my honey took me on a ‘hot date’. It was nice to go out. He called me Friday afternoon and told me to go home and get dressed up, he will be there to pick me up around 6ish. He took me to Gratziono’s downtown, it was a nice little place... delicious food! After dinner he took me down to the suspension bridge (for those who don’t know this is a very old historic bridge downtown that overlooks the Brazos river…our town doesn’t have much, but at night with the bridge all lit up, this makes for a nice walk with your loved one). After a romantic little walk feeding the ducks we decided to head home…

The beautiful bridge...

Zach all spiffed up
Me all gussied up (don't know why these pics are blurry?)

The geese

Me and my 'hot date'

Saturday Zach had to work until noon, I went to run a few errands, then came back home to be lazy for a while. That night we went over to my dads to hang out for a while.

Sunday we went to church (amazing message by the way—I will be posting about that sermon soon)…afterward we went and ate breakfast (love me some pancakes), we had to run a few errands, then Zach took me to the zoo…I am a BIG kid at heart and the zoo is one of my favorite places to go. I think Zach and I alone go to the zoo at least once a year. After the zoo we went to get dinner then headed home to call it a ‘day’…

Zach and I at the Cameron Park Zoo

My honey..
He caught a picrure of me looking at the monkeys..

Monday (love-love-love not having to work Mondays, love 3 days weekends!)…Zach went dove hunting in the morning so I slept in, my neck was hurting pretty bad so I slept it off…I woke up around noonish, went and laid out in the backyard and Zach arrived home shortly after, we laid around the house and did absolutely nothing for a couple hours then it was time for Zach to go out dove hunting again. Well he begged me to go with him, all who know me know I am ‘not’ a country girl, although a lot of my family hunts I wouldn’t know the first thing about it. I am a girlie girl at heart. However I agreed and took the offer and off I went decked out in my camo gear not fully understanding what was about to happen…we arrived in the ‘field’ where we now await these little birds to fly over us. I had no idea what a ‘dove’ looked like…a bird is a bird to me, so as each bird flew over I would say there’s onelook over therehere comes one, all with the same reply “That’s not a dove Tiffany”…I was ok throughout the majority of the trip, and thinking this wasn’t 'so bad after all'…that was until that first little innocent birdy came falling from the sky…my heart sunk…and one by one more birds starting falling—poor birdies! Although the trip was out of the normal for me, it was fun…I guess after several trips to the salon, or shopping, or all the amazing things my husband sits through for me, I could sit through this for him :)


Stephanie said...

Bless your heart I don't think I would have made it through the hunting either. You're a good wife for that :)

Tracy said...

Aww, that is sweet that he asked you to go! So glad that ya'll had a three day weekend! You deserve it!

Tracy said...

oh, and by the way, I LOVE your bag in the zoo photos!

Amanda said...

Such a cute dress!! Zach must have been very proud to be running around town with such a doll! :) Hope you got some needed rest this weekend and feel better soon. Take care Pifers!

-Amanda Aiello

Angela said...

You look so amazing!! Love your hair and your bag! :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I love the zoo too! We went this past week also:)

Melody said...

That is so funny about the doves. I would have thought the same thing!

Lauren Kelly said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!!!! :)

KJ said...

Sounds like you had the perfect weekend with your Love. And you looked SO pretty - I loved the orange bag too! :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

your date looked like tons of fun. i think i need to have my husband take a few tips from zach...:)

and i love zoos too. anywhere we go on vacation, i look to see if there is a zoo close by!!

Veronica said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend. That is so neat that you decided to go hunting with Zach. My Hubby is a hunter too and that's all he seems to talk about these days as it's deer season right now. I would probably have gone nuts going out hunting with my Hubby. I guess you can call me selfish.

Well, hope you have a good rest of your week and that you get to feeling better soon. Love ya!

Emma and Company said...

Ah, the joys of seeing that first "kill" your husband gets hunting...I have been through that!! Your pictures are so cute, I love the zoo too...it is so fun to just go and relax and watch all the cute animals! I am glad you had such a good weekend and hope you are feeling better! I will keep your family in my prayers as well as you and Zach!!

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