Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pifer Life

Countdown With The Pifers

22 days until we leave for our Christmas Vacation

24 days till’ Christmas

31 days till’ 2010!!


Family Updates

Zach-his knee has been bothering him the past couple days; I think it’s the colder weather. He is very active on his knee daily due to his job, so if you could please pray for some comfort for him that would be great. :)

Me- I’ve been doing great, as far as health wise, as most of you know by reading my blog I did have horrible head cold/sinus infection a couple weeks ago, but other than that I am feel great—Thank the Good Lord!!!

Mom-she hasn't been doing so well. Her blood pressure goes from extremely low to extremely high, her body aches from head to toe and due to the tummor in her brain which is growing it's causing her to have extremely horrible headaches The tumor is in a spot which they can not surgically remove, however since they are unable to remove it it's pushing on nerves which is causing her bad headaches---she goes weekly to get injections in her skull; this doesn't shirink the tumor, this only minimizes the pain---I ask that you please keep her in your prayers.



I wish I had some to share—isn’t there a saying ‘no news is good news’ ??? I don’t know about it being ‘good’ news, but I guess it’s better than bad news!!


Whats been happening over the month...

We haven’t really been up to much—boring I know! I am saddened to announce there really hasn’t been anything new happening in our lives…however I am excited to say that we have quite enjoyed spending our time together doing ‘nothing’…ha!

I have been on a major ‘organization/cleaning spree’ and wanting my whole house to be spotless and organized…I am happy to say that after having 4 days off for the holidays my house is exactly what I’ve been wanting it to be, now lets just hope it stays that way :)


Kami said...

So now you can come to my house and clean for me right?? LOL

I will be praying for your dear family honey. Love you!


Marla.z said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom's poor headaches. Saying prayers for her - it sounds unbearable :(

Leah said...

Praying for you. I know how hard taking a break can be! We had to wait for almost two years before doing invitro. Thanks also for your prayers.

Crystal said...

Thank you for your prayers!!!!

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