Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There are so many little things that I am counting down too, or going on in my crazy life that I have to notate them in what better way…a random post!

* Only 10 days until Easter and I don’t even have an Easter Dress for Easter Sunday!

* Zach turns the BIG 2-5 in 19 days; I really want to do something special for him, but I’m stumped…HELP!

*National Infertility Awareness week is only 30 days away…so excited!

*We will be married 4 years in lass then 2 months! Time has flown by!!

*I am still taking 50mg of Clomid as well as Estrogen.

* My mom is doing okay (I will be writing a blog about her soon.)

* Sasha’s leg is healing, she’s learned to run on just 3 legs (pretty fast too might I add)…she walks on all 4, just slow.

* Zach and I are looking forward to this spring/summer; we plan on spending as many weekends as we can enjoying the beautiful weather…camping, fishing, BBQ’s…can’t wait!

* We are also looking forward to when my in-laws get settled into their new home in IL, Zach and I will be driving up their for a visit and taking our dogs for their first road trip…fun fun!

* Zach’s knee is doing great (thanks for all the emails asking about him), we work out at least 3 times a week and his hamstring is getting stronger and stronger each day! We are nearing the one year mark on his surgery and I believe his Dr. would be really proud!


MelodyEstes said...

Love ya! Glad things seem to be going well. I DESPISE road trips! I am So glad you don't! :)

Rosie said...

These last 4 yrs sure have flown by! D turns 25 on the 2nd and I too am stumped! Let me know if you think of anything fun that I can copy ;)

ashlee said...

Sounds like yall are in a crazy whirl too. David turns 30 in June & I'm starting to plan his big thing-maybe Galveston weekend. Are yall wanting to stay local? There's always Austin & lots of fun stuff to do there & get away!

Veronica @ The Veronica Blog said...

So much going on for sure! Glad for the good reports! I can't believe Easter is almost here either. I'm also excited about summertime and can't wait for the sun to stay out and all the fun BBQing beach days to come, too!

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