Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well we are not the ones moving, my in-laws are! My father in law works for a company that has several plants throughout the US; he originally worked in PA, when Zach was only 9 years old he was transferred to TX, he was here until Dec 06’…he was then transferred back to PA. Zach’s whole family lives in PA…grandparents, Aunts, Uncles…cousins, nieces…nephews…so although we weren’t too thrilled about being so far away from them; it really was a good move for them.

Well a couple weeks ago my father in law received word that the plant he is working in will be shutting their doors in July, so they will all be transferred out. Everyone was a little nervous as it’s never an exciting thing to be up-rooted from your home. As much as we wanted them to move back to TX, there just wasn’t an opening…so where will they be residing?


Zach and I are thrilled at the fact that IL is 10 hours closer to us vs. PA…instead of being 25 hours away, it’s only 15…this means we can drive their in a days time, which is great!!!

I can’t wait to take a road trip once they get settled; I’ve never been to IL… please keep them in your prayers for a stress free move.

Do I have any IL readers? I would love to hear all about the state of IL...what is the weather like? What’s the happening places in IL?


ChristiK said...

It depends on the part of Illnois that they are moving to. I have family that lives near Chicago, friends who live in Bartlett and Geneva.

Cost of living is higher closer to the city. The weather is probably pretty much like PA.

EverydayBlessings said...

That is exciting!! Makes for some fun road trips in your future!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

I'm not sure the town they will be living in yet, I was hoping to hear about some exciting things :) ha!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

I love roadtrips!!!! It's so fun just driving without a care in the world (as long as I'm in the front, I get motion sickness-BAD)...

Erin said...

HELLO! We live in IL! Where are they moving to? I hope its close to use so we can meet!!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

The company he is going to is in Steator (sp?) I believe…however they are looking in homes in or around Ottawa…do those sound familiar? Def. would love to meet! :)

Jenna said...

I live in Illinois...Ottawa is very close to one of the best state parks in Illinois. It's called Starved Rock State Park. It's a great place to go hiking and have a picnic. They also have a lodge you can stay in, which I've heard is nice. There are a lot of cute little towns like Galena to go shopping in. And there's the big ole Chicago! Walking Michigan Avenue and State Street is fun around Christmas time because of all the window displays in the stores. But it's COLD! I really like the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and Navy Pier, but I wasn't too impressed with the Shedd Aquarium. I can't think of anything else right now, but if you have questions, just ask!

Gemma said...

Thats awesome!!! I lie right outside Chicago. The summers here are awesome but it gets cold and lots of snow in the winter. Theres sooo much to do in IL. Lots of camping, Six Flags, Outlet Malls, Downtown in the summer, the beach. Lots to do and lots of fun!!!

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