Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bathing Suit Dilemma

I'm in a huge dilemma when it comes to bathing suits this year.

I like so many; but alot of them don't like me! I do not think any look good on my body type. I'm way too hippy and have a little extra than I'd like to have in the 'middle' section (thanks to my lovely friend PCOS...and my sweet tooth)

I love the below swimsuit so much, the bottom straps are just a perfect width to hide my fat...but I'm not sure if it comes up high enough (I'd love to have this body by the way...) the top is so cute but I'm so afraid that my top will fall down...anyone out there have any input on the strapless tops?

Then there are the one pieces which now a days are too cute I happen to love the below one! This would kind my love handles and my extra baggage in the middle; BUT can you imagine the tan lines I would have after wearing this???

So then we have my 'happy compromise' this is the wide bottom straps like I like (still a little low rise bottoms for me) but the top is semi what I like in the top picture but has the straps to help hold it up...

Ohhh...I just don't know what style to go for this year....I love too many, I just wish they loved my body as much as I loved them!!!

I'm top is my favorite right now; but I would love to hear input on strapless tops from y'all!!

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Melody Estes said...

I'm SURE you would look great in whichever one you buy. But, funny story... in the event you get pregnant, my Zach worried that I was going to give the baby a sunburn and chlorine poisioning (as if there even is such a thing). I had a tankini and one day I was on a mat in the pool and a little sliver of my stomach was showing, he got all stressed... just something to think about, lol.! MEN! And, I'm hoping you are pregnant by summer!

You and Me Plus Three said...

I have not even started looking for swinsuits... ugh!!!! If only I looked like the above I would absolutely love swimsuit shopping!!! HA!!! Those are all so darn cute.

I cannot pull off the strapless look. I think it's so cute and sure wish I could, but I'm just too top heavy- it wouldn't be classy. ha!!!

My favs would be the bottom 2 and you are right the 1 piece would give makor tan lines.. hhmmm.. why does it have to be so hard?!!! But they are all super cute. And if a strapless fits you, I'd say go for it. I would love to be able to wear a strapless top. Just can't. ;)

You and Me Plus Three said...

major tan lines... not makor. ;)

Tiffany Pifer said...

I think swimsuit shopping would be SO much more fun if our bodies were like the above girls...makes me sick-ha!!! I'm a little top heavy too, so I wonder about those...they are just so darn cute...I might have to try it on just to see... and yes tan lines are the only reason why I haven't broken down and bought one of those really cute one pieces yet HA!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

OMG! How funny!!!! I hope I am sweetie, saying my's all in God's hands :)

Brittany said...

I share the exact same dilemma with you!! Muffin tops aren't too cute in a swimsuit! I went swimsuit shopping yesterday and tried on 500 different ones.

I like the strapless bandeau tops but only if they come with a removable strap. Most of them do. I'm a little top heavy so I like to have the removeable strap to make sure I don't give out any free shows!

I tried on a one piece that looked super cute but it was not flattering on at all!

Happy shopping! I hope you find one that makes you look fabulous!!

Rosie said...

Girlfrannnn! I thought that was you in the top picture, so you HUSH!
I like them ALL! All 3 are the styles this year. The colors esp. As far as strapless tops, I've never really been able to wear them b/c my girls aren't big enough to hold it up. You shouldn't have that problem t hough. And The one pieces (in your pic) are super cute, but from trying them myself, they DO NOT cover up love handles. I think the bottom one is a good compromise!

summer b said...

i love the wide bottoms. i wear them too. i have to! lol. those suits are so pretty and will look great on you. i know it.

Tiffany Pifer said...

I love the wide bottoms too!!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

OMG You are one hilarious girl! HA!!!! I totally WISH that was my body!!!! LOL!!!! I love the top one, it's my fav, but I just don't know if me being a little 'top heavy' will be too much for the top...we'll see!!! UGH I remember when bathingsuit shopping used to be so much fun...not anymore! :-/

Amber said...

you picked out some great bathing suits. For the strapless one I just dont think I could do it, would be too afraid of it falling off but thats just me:)

EverydayBlessings said...

I have the exact same problem! My midsection and thighs are my problem. I have never tried a strapless top before, but I really love the choices!! I just have to tell myself that I will never have a models body as much as I dream about it all time!! Good luck girlie!!

Jennifer said...

I love them all! I can't wear anything strapless because the tops fall off because I'm fall out of them. Ugh! Of course a bikini is not in my summer plans. I would look awful in one right now. Hoping to be back in one next summer.

shelly said...

i LOOOOVE those one peices. i think they are super stylish!

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