Friday, April 9, 2010

Five Fun Fact-Birthday Addition

In honor of my husbands 25th birthday this coming up Tuesday; I’ve decided to post my five fun facts about HIM(I’m sure he is jumping for joy right about now-ha!)

~ He is such a handy man, he refuses to take our cars in to get the oil and filter changed; he wants to do it himself, wash our cars himself…he’s fixed our AC, crawled under the house and fixed a broken pipe, he totally redid our bathroom, refinished our hard wood floors…I could go on and on; I am amazed at how awesome he is and glad to have him as my hard working handy man :)

~ His cooking is to die for! He loves making things from scratch; his steaks are the bomb-digity…I love his meatballs too…and he makes the best chicken fried steak and salmon EVER!

~ He talks in his sleep…and will often wake me up his funny night time talks…sometimes I sit and laugh while other I practically beat him up in the middle of the night so he will hush and go back to bed…it’s cute!

~ He works so hard at his job, he works for an environmental department that deals with hazardous waste, he works long hours; sometimes he gets up at 4am and isn’t home till late at night… I’m so proud of him for everything he does for us!

~ He is a sucker for western movies, loves anything to do with the army, is a huge Steeler, Penguin and Pirate fan, loves the color blue has the best looking eyebrows I’ve ever seen in a man (I’m so jealous), gives the best backrubs (when he isn’t’ tired) , is the loudest and most goofiest person I know and has the most awesome and amazing best friend (that would be me by the way) and wife ever!! :)

This week I would love to hear facts about your loved ones… :)

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Rosie said...

OK OK-you win! lol. Seriously, where did you find this creature? And only you would notice his eyebrows! (they are abnormally perfect though). Tell that old man Happy Birthday for me! Half way to 50!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

I found him on Mars....LOL! Girl, I have absolutley NO eyebrows and the little I do have I can't stand; so I envy his eyebrows...he is a guy they are NOT supposed to be this perfect-haha! I hope our kids get his eyebrows!!! I will def. tell this VERY OLD man you said happy birthday! :)

LittleGirlsofMine said...

That was fun to read! Hope Zach has a great Birthday!

laurenkelly said...

So sweet, Happy Birthday to the hubby!!!! :)

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