Monday, June 21, 2010

Emotional Fathers Day...

How come things have to be so hard? This Fathers Day was a hard one on Zach and I absolutley hated seeing him hurt. I'd rather be the one in pain then see him hurting. It seems with each year that goes by the stronger I get and learn to deal with these things better....but it seems that with each year these holidays hit Zach a little harder... I think he is finally at the age where being a dad and our 'future' consumes his mind. I often hear him talking about when we have kids 'this'...or when we have kids 'that'.... I want our kid to do this...I want to take our kids here...and so forth...

I want to make him a Father so very bad! It hurts me that I can't provide him this!!

I know that he would be a terrific daddy and I can't wait for the day that I can watch him fall in love with our kids...I long for that day!

Thankfully my little brother stayed the weekend with us, so come Sunday after our emotional morning we went in the living room and saw his smiling face which helped Zach a lot!! Zach also received a few Fathers Day cards, ones telling him that their thinking of him, praying for us and one day he will make an amazing Father...I was a bit nervous when the cards came because you never know how something like that will effect someone, but he truly enjoyed and appreciated the cards.

So thank you to the few blog readers and family who sent him a card and even a text or email...that was really sweet of y'all!


Tammywondra said...

Oh sweetie, that breaks my heart. I'm sure thinking of you. (((HUGS)))

MelodyEstes said...

I'm so sorry! I know holidays like this are hard. I wish there was something to take the pain away. I always look forward to the day I see a picture of the positive p-stick on your blog! Love you lots!

Rosie said...

I'm sorry he had a rough weekend. I know it can be emotional and it breaks my heart for ya'll.
Sorry I don't comment much, I read your blog from my phone and comment from it. Plus Diisqus is always messed up lately.
Love you!

laurenkelly said...

I guess it’s so easy to forget that infertility is just as hard on the husband as it is the wife!! Despite how hard the day was, I’m so glad to hear he was encouraged and pray that gave him the strength he needed!!

Rspilston said...

I completely understand. It was harder on my husband than it has ever been before. My heart broke for him.

Lauren said...

This weekend was hard on Mark too...He was working and everyone kept asking him "are you a dad yet"?! We haven't been as open about our issues, but with a few people, so those who questioned his fatherhood status had to be taken aside and told about our loss.
I feel the same way; I wish I could just take all the hurt from him.
As always, you're in our prayers!

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