Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Addition

We have a new addition...


Now before you 'gasp' let me explain we did NOT pay for this boat...I don't want anyone thinking-

'Gesh...there saving for IVF and there buying a boat!!??'

The story is this boat is my grandparents...it's a 1982 (older than me!!)...my dad actually skied on this boat a few times which I think it really awesome!!! This boat sat for 12 years at my grandparents house and one day they asked if we would be interested in taking it (this was about 2 years ago)...Zach quickly agreed yes and off my grandpa and him went to take it to the shop (after sitting for 12 years it was in major need for a tune up). The place it sat kept putting it on the back burner, no one wanted to work on it due to the age (I think they figured it was just too much work and wasn't worth their time)...2 years later (about 2 months ago) Zach and my grandpa took it to another place, one that Zach found while working...they looked at it and said all it needed was a tune up and would be ready in no time!!

I got the call last week that it was ready and they went and picked it up...when I arrived home from work Zach was sitting in the boat scrubbing the inside. I think it's safe to say he has a 'new toy'.

I am not to crazy about how the boat 'looks'...lets face it...it's 28 years old, and sat untouched for 12 years...it IS in decent condition due to my grandpa taking good care of it...but it's still not the prettiest boat out there...but it's a boat and that is something I'm extremely happy about!

I will have to get some pictures of it soon so y'all can see our new addition and Zach's new toy :)


MrsMeganC said...

Oh, I know boat love. Our boat is my hubby's baby! And it's even older than your boat. Haha! {It's a 1973!} Enjoy it! Can't wait to see pics! =)

laurenkelly said...

Yes, we want to see pictures! And like you said, a boat is a boat and if it’s gives you a fun day out on the water, then it’s served its purpose!! :)

ashlee said...

Boats are fun, but I get seasick easily. Dont matter how it looks-you can still have fun on Lake Whitney!

Rosie said...

Who cares what anyone thinks. If ya'll bought a boat or not! They are too much fun and now we can meet ya'll at the lake if we ever have time to go! p.s we have a really really good boat guy that works on derek's boat in c.s. if ya'll want his info for next time.

duckstar said...

We love our boat too and it's just a pontoon! We've spent many happy, peaceful hours on it...HAVE FUN!! (There are thing you can do to make it pretty!!)

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