Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Brother


Please tell me I am not the only Big Brother FAN out there...I know I can't be!

I am extremely addicted to this show, I started watching Big Brother on the very first episode and was hooked from the get-go!

I am loving this season so far and not sure just yet who I am routing for. Every year a group of co-workers and friends go in and make a 'big brother pot'...we draw names on which contestant we will get and if 'our' player wins the game we get the money....last year I won b/c I had Jordan! I am not feeling as confident this go around, I have Rachel and just by the very first show she isn't my type of girl, she's a bit wild for my taste and I'm hoping she doesn't get on many peoples nerves right away and get kicked out...Zach has Monet, she seems very sweet and innocent, so maybe she will go far in the game!!

I like the boy from Decatur, TX...I have to route for the TX boy for sure! :)

Who are y'all thinking the Saboteur is? I really have no idea...I'm thinking it's something least expected like Kathy, she's a cop-in her 40's, most contestants are already looking up to her as a mom figure, and I think she will be able to get by with being the Saboteur without anyone knowing...not really sure just yet, anxious to find out though!!!

I am excited about this season, and I'd love to hear how many other Big Brother Fans there are out there...tell me who your favorite is, who you think the Saboteur is and so forth!!!


Ashley said...

I also thought it was Kathy, but now I think that seems a little too obvious. I know a person who thinks it is Kristen because she has barely even been seen on the show at all. They just don't show her much. I think that makes sense too.

I want Lane to win, because is country and CUTE!
I am from Arkansas and the 2 blondes just don't seem to be representing us very well!!!!

Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Oh girl, I am OBSESSED with BB! I tell my Mom and friends not to even call me when it comes on b/c I'm not going to answer the phone! I think the Saboteur is either the bisexual girl, Annie, or the Jewish Doctor, Andrew I think is his name. BUT, did you notice on the first night of BB when they had it all scrambled out, it showed like a SECOND of what appeared to be Lane's shirt?!?!?! But the silouette is too skinny for it to be him. My favs so far are Ragan and the Vegas girl. I think I like her b/c even though she appears to be a dumb party girl, she is smart as a whip! Oh, and Kathy made me suspicious of her being the saboteur b/c of how she gave up in the caramel stuff. I mean, really?! and then the AK girl that "hurt her knee" in the first competition made it suspicious. I can't wait to find out who it is!!!

See, told you I was obsessed!!


Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Also, if you like reading spoilers about BB, go to

It tells you a LOT. Like, I already know who won POV :)

Stephanie said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh LOVE BB!!! I didn't get into until a few seasons ago, but now I'm addicted!

I'm with you, Rachel is a bit annoying. I'm not sure about Monet, she seems sweet in the house, but her spot introducing her she seemed like a total diva, I'd love to see her reaction if she ever has to sleep in the Have Not room - gross!

For the sab...I dont think its Andrew - too obvious. Hubby thinks its Kathy. She's messed up at both games already and she told people it was a sweet girl from her criminal profiles. Enzo is also a bit crazy though, but maybe thats just his NJ/mafia personality.

I can't wait to find out this week! And so happy to find a BB loving blog friend :)

Marla said...

I orginally thought the sab was Lane (the TX guy), but after last night's episode, I'm thinking it's Kathy. I mean, why would you just lay in a big vat of caramel and not try to get up. Still, I wouldn't be surprised either if it's Lane.

Rachel said...

I love love BB!!! I am sitting here watching BB After Dark as I blog!

Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Here's something else......did yall notice last night there was something sticking up at the top of the sab's head?? I'm thinking it could be Andrew's beanie thing!!!

Rosie said...

oh you know i love me some BB!! I haven't really been able to watch yet though so hopefully I don't get too far behind this season.

Melody said...

My husband is ADDICTED. HE ordered showtime for the summer AND has live feeds. AND, he DVR's everything on showtime that he doesn't stay up to watch. He's CRAZY! I think the sab is Kathy.

MICHELE said...

Heck yes I love Big Brother, it is really about the only reality show I do like the others drive me nuts!

KK said...

Love love love big brother! I'm so glad it's back. I've never missed a single episode since it started!

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Michelle said...

I LOVE BB!! It is one of my summer guilty pleasures. (That and So You Think You Can Dance!) I am in love with Lane!! I can't believe Annie was the saboteur, I just LOVE that show!! I thought I was alone!!

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