Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Happy??

At times I have trouble believing that all will be well in the future. It's hard not to question things, were human! I struggle to remember that there is always tomorrow, and miracles happen every day! I tend to catch myself saying 'that will never happen', however that's not true. My momma used to say 'never say never' and that's the truth! God has a plan, and he is the only one who knows when that plan will unfold!

I have learned that those few times when I fall into negative thoughts, it's ok to feel this way. For the longest time (and sometimes still) I feel ashamed to be mad. I think about how many other people have it so much worse than I do, I feel guilty for dwelling. But with God's help, I'm learning it's okay to feel hurt-it brings me closer to him.

While God does not walk around singing, 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' he tells us in his own words that we can never extend our lives by worrying about it. Instead we are to keep the faith and hold on to the hope that our faith should bring us closer to him.

I need to remember that everyone has a different path in life; although infertility can sometime seem that everyone is on one path while your on the other by yourself, I need to remind myself that I am not alone-nor is everyone else together. Everyone else is on there own individual path created with love by our Lord and Savior!

Hope carries us forward through life when it seems that all else fails us! What seems to us as a bitter trail at the moment is often blessings in disguise.


Veronica said...

Just want you to know I've been thinking about you! I pray that you'll continue to be hopeful for the future. Love you!


Rosie said...

I love this post. And you are def. right about everyone being on their own path. Their struggle may not be infertility but it is something. And because of that, you are not alone.
Love you!

Lauren Kelly said...

I want you to do me a favor and print this out, because whenever you need a reminder, you need to refer back to this!! Love ya, girl!!! God has a great plan for you and your family!!!

俊成俊成 said...


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