Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boo Cake Balls

Tonight I made one of my favorites....Red Velvet Cake Balls.

I made these for Zach's work and my's my little 'treat' for them.


Bake your red velvet cake (any cake flavor will do, I just love Red Velvet)
Let cool for about 20-30 minutes
While warm crumble up in a large bowl and mix with the icing of your choice, I prefer cream cheese icing.
Place bowl in refrigerator to let cool for one hour

When done, proceed to rolling up your warned this can be messy.

Once your done, melt your white chocolate (I use almond bark) and dunk your balls in your chocolate...

Decorate if wanted, or serve the way they are... I let them cool in the fridge over night before serving for the chocolate has time to set.

SUPER easy recipe, a little time consuming but super easy and YUMMMMMY :)


Elisabeth said...

yummy I love making cake balls my husband and dad love them! I found if you use an egg separator the dunking process goes alot faster

Melody said...

YUM! Wish I wasn't on low carb :(

Marla said...

Those are so cute!

Rosie said...

These are so super yummy! Red Velvet is my fav and I'm not a fan or pumpkin or carrot but I bet it would be cute to do those flavors for halloween.

Jess said...

Looks Delish!

Ashlee McCrary said...

everybody seems to be making these lately! i've yet to try them out but they look good!

Amber said...

So cute Tiff, I think I may make some and color the almond bark orange to make little pumpkins, that would be so cute!

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