Friday, February 11, 2011

IVF Questions

I knew everything to ask when we went to our last RE consultation over a year 1/2 ago...but now I am drawing a blank...esp. regarding IVF.

I know what IVF consist of, I've done my research (plus some)...I've stayed up many of nights reading infertility books and searching for helpful tips online...

However, is there anything important I need to ask regarding IVF come our consultation?

I am starting my 'fertility clinic book' and I would love to hear from y'all...

What did y'all ask?

What would you suggest asking?

What did you wish you asked but didn't?

Also, please fill me in on anything I 'should' know going into this but may not...if you don't want to leave it in a comment, please email me...

Thanks :)


Rachel said...

I just started my first meds today for our first IVF cycle.

One thing that I wish I knew earlier was the "things" you need to have done prior to deciding to go for and IVF cycle.

I needed a hysteroscopy, my DH and I needed some more STD testing done that had not been done previously. I had to get a PAP. We had to have a consultation with a IVF nurse, psychologist, and the financial counselor. This all took about a month to schedule and get complete.

Good to know if you have time restraints...

Also, in our counseling session much was discussed about how many embryos to transfer, what would do if you have a pregnancy with more than 2 fetuses, what would we want to do with any embryos after our family was complete, etc. It felt good for us to know that we had discussed these things before we got there.

I be praying for you and know through all of this God's Love is ever present and will help you make the best decision for your family :)


Sumer said...

My clinic answered 99% of my questions before I asked them.

I met with the doctor and the financial lady all at my consult. The doctor layed out what testing I would need. I had blood work and an ultrasound done right then. Left with an appointment for the tests that I needed and a plan to go fouth. I asked about protocol and timeline for my own knowledge and plaining.

Alicia Nelson said...

I'm very excited for you and wish you the best of luck!

I've gone through 1.5 IVF's and although I know far from everything, feel free to email if you ever have any questions.

A little TMI talk here, but something for you to be thinking about... If you know if anestesia and pain meds make you constipated, try to lay off the pain meds after the retrieval as soon as possible! I was having cramps so bad by the time of transfer, it's believed it may have influenced the embryos not implanting. In fact, for my second IVF my dr started me on a perscription laxative the day of retrieval, and although I didn't get to transfer, the cramping wasn't near as bad by day 5 as had been for the previous time.

I think Rachel above is on track with the discussion about how many embryos to transfer and what will happen to your frozen ones. I think other questions that you (and your family) will be interested in are about the procedures between retrieval and transfer. What's the process? How many days do you expect to take? When will you be able to tell me something about the eggs you retrieved and those that fertilized? What's the percentage of eggs you retrieve that you expect to be mature enough to fertilze? Do all of the embryos that fertilze usually make it to transfer/freeze day? Do you do assisted hatching? Do you do any testing?

You'll be in my prayers, and please let me know if you want to talk more.

Kami said...

Menopur and follistim did the trick for my cycle. Maybe ask your RE about that combination. They will explain everything to you. You will also have us to help you. You are going to do great. The needles really aren't that bad. But we'll get there when you do. I don't want to rush ahead. Ask about lupron too. And birth control pills. Get a good idea of the meds they are going to put you on. I'm so excited for you!


carrie said...

Honestly, I wouldn't get too ahead of yourself. You could bring in a whole list of questions to ask, but then would you really LISTEN to what your doctor is telling you? My advice is to go in with an open mind and to just listen to your doctor and to his plan for you. Hopefully you trust him....otherwise you wouldn't have chosen this clinic. TRUST the plan he lays out for you. Your doctor is the expert. You can make yourself crazy questioning everything he says to do/not to do, asking other people their opinions on protocols, meds, tests, etc.... Every body is different, so trust that your doctor is doing what is right for YOU.

Mrs BabyDream said...

When my first IVF cycle didin't work, they clinic tested my blood for any auto-immune problems. The results showed that I actually did have some issues. So for my 2nd IVF, I was put on the appropriate meds. I WISH I had of had my bloods tested first time around as it may have worked (and cost less!!)
So might be worth asking about before u start.
Good luck

twondra said...

I have to agree that they will probably answer all your questions before you get a chance to ask them. :) I remember going in feeling so overwhelmed and it's really not as bad as I thought. In fact, I'd do it in a HEARTBEAT again if I could. I LOVED going through it....I know crazy. :) My biggest advice is to enjoy it, enjoy the shots, ultrasounds, everything. And call the nurses anytime, that's what they are there for. And of course, us. :) We're ALL here for you girl! We love you!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

off the top of my head, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you and Z are on the same page regarding any unused embryos. R and I were adamant whatever embryos were made, we would use at some point. Just be sure to know the answer when they ask if you would want to freeze, destroy, or donate those little suckers. Hee hee. AND, make sure you know how many embryos you are comfortable transferring at one time. We did two, they both took, and we have four still frozen. Knowing what I know now about being pregnant with twins, I really want to only transfer one at a time the next four times. We shall see.

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