Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm so emotional, I'm so stressed...there are so many thoughts on my mind.

Can I really handle this upcoming journey? Am I really strong enough for this?!

I know I can, but I doubt myself at times....alot of times actually.

As excited as I am, I'm also very nervous and scared.

Everyone keeps saying this will 'work', as much as I pray it does I've watched many of friends go down this path and it NOT work. I want it to work with all my heart and soul, but honestly I'm scared it won't.

I'm trying NOT to be negative, and I really think I am just being rational-I just have gotten my hopes up many of times and I don't want to break into a million pieces if I don't see a positive pregnancy test.

I WILL be ok...I am ready for this jump...just nervous!

(My poor husband, if I am this emotional OFF of hormones, imagine when I start taking them!)


Rachel said...

I'm right here with you.

I love the song "Voice Of Truth" by casting crowns. It really reminds me that. God's love is never ending and that no matter if I sink or swim. I know that God's right there with me.

Just remember even if the answer is no. God LOVE for you is around you all the time.

After 5 years as well. For me my IVF cycle has brought me great comfort in knowing that I am doing all that is possible and that even if it doesn't turn out as I would hope I have no regrets about weather or not we did "enough".

Hang in there you are in my prayers and may God grant you the same peace that I have at this moment.


Amy said...

I'm praying for you Tiff. I truly pray this works for you and Zach, but I can totally understand you being nervous and scared. Keep that chin up as much as you can and know that God will uphold you and give you the strength to face each day of this new journey. Love ya!

Cara Linn said...

Praying for you. :)

Elaine said...

Hey Tiffany,

You must do this! You must not give up! Do not let this moment define you. I put up a post today about Bethany Christian Services. Check them out, or check out my post. That was such an encouraging resource for me. Like you, I walked in your shoes for five years...I can't stress how much the journey is worth it in hindsight...every heartache, every tear, every butterfly in your stomach... It will all be worth it. So press forward, Sweet Friend, and know that many will be lifting you (and Zach) up in prayer!


waiting and wishing said...

Your feelings are totally valid. You've been waiting for this for so long, and to have the moment be so close is scary. Know that you have tons of people pulling for you and praying this this is it, your final step in this journey!

Rosie said...

I love you sweet girl! It's ok to be emotion, just remember that you have loads of support from family & friends if He decides this isn't your time. You can do it. You are super strong & will get thru anything that comes your way. I know everything will be ok :)

Mel said...

I feel the same as you do... scared, nervous. Hang in there! We can do this. We're strong! Saying prayers for you!

Tiffany said...

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it's going to be a piece of cake. You have EVERY right to be scared and nervous, however you ARE strong and you can do this. Good things are coming for you. Just keep the faith and try your best to relax, I know easier said than done huh? We are all here for you supporting you and cheering you on. Too me taking a step forward was ALWAYS exciting, scary, but so exciting... another step closer to your dream. Love you hun.

Ashley said...

I know this journey gives us so many emotions!!! It is always scary starting something new but if we never try we will never know. I get this same feeling b/c I keep telling myself we have the option to do IVF this year but it is our last option if we want kids of our own. And that is scary!!!! It is comforting to know we have "options" but I know you are totally ready to take this leap:) It is getting so close for you and I know God has great plans for you!!!

LC said...

I feel the same way. I often say to my husband "I just don't feel strong enough". But the truth is, we ARE! Good things are in store. Hang in there hon.

Kristin said...

Praying for you always, Tiffany!

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