Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whats new with us?

Not a whole lot actually...

We have stayed pretty busy with work and on our days off. Work has been a nightmare; we are liquidating everything, and I am job searching like non-other! If I had a penny for every time someone asked me the sale prices (although they are plastered on the 500 signs hanging from the ceilings) I could retire now! Zach's job has been crazy busy as well--he has been working 12+ hour days; I am exhausted from my 8-9 hour day, and here he is working double that...I am so proud of everything he does for us! He is such a hard worker, and amazing hubby! 

Thankfully within the past month we have been busy on our days off as well...maybe this is God's way of keeping our minds off of things....

When I do get a free moment and time to even think, I have to admit that's all I think about...I know with time the pain will disappear completely and I will just be left with the memories we made along the way. In the mean time I am thankful that we are busy!!

We have been thinking and talking about alot of options lately, one that is weighing heavily on our heart...we will see where that takes us-God has a path painted perfectly with our name on it, and we are just praying for guidance on which path to take!
We have had an out pour of emails within the last 2 weeks; I promise I WILL respond to everyone, so please don't think I am ignoring you...I just have an inbox full of sweet messages from y'all :)


Kristin said...

You're always in my prayers, sweet friend! Praying for God to continue to lead you in His purpose for your family. Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

I know this sounds bizarre, but there is an IVF charity in England that you can buy a $32 raffle ticket, and if you get picked, you are theirs untill you have a baby. If IVF doesnt work for you, they have surrogates, etc. It just seems so interesting. the orginization is called "To Hatch" and there were no limitations that I could find (like you must be an in-country resident, etc.) they opened it to single, married, gay lesbian etc. Just thought you may want to check it out. -abbe

Ashley said...

Still thinking about you LOTS!!! I have too have been thinking a lot about options. I feel this push but sometimes it is hard to make that jump. I know whatever decision you make you will not regret:)

Kristen said...

Praying that you'll have peace and complete and total clarity on whatever next steps you make!

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