Monday, January 16, 2012

Iphone Fun

I  realize I have probably became the worst blogger EVER—it seems that no matter how hard we try-life will not slow down!

One downfall is my laptop has finally CRASHED—I knew it wouldn’t be long, it seems as though that poor thing is ancient! We have a desktop but I hardly ever have time to come in the office and do much of anything, so he bought me a netbook so I can do my blogging and surfing the internet at night in the living room with him :)

Here are a few iphone pics I took within the last week-two…


I have been wanting a ‘fur vest’ since they became popular, well this gal finally has one!


My sleepy Steeler fan just couldn’t stay awake to watch us lose our chance to the Superbowl, can’t say I blame him..I wish I was able to sleep as well…I died all of my highlights out of my hair, back to al ’natural.


Probably my favorite 2 items recently. I have had the bracelet (got it where I work) it’s monogramed with our initials and wedding date on the back, however I had our jeweler solder the very first present Zach ever got me onto it…I just don’t where many necklaces, and it sat in my jewelery box, I love how it turned out! Now I can wear it every day! And I finally joined the ‘Keurig Club’ haha…I am in LOVE!


If you are able to get your hands on Chocolate Shop wine, I suggest you try it…IT’S AMAZING! Taste like a chocolate covered cherry if that’s something you like, you will love this wine!—and my sweet Ginger decided she loves strawberries—:)


Zach and I went to the Alamo Bowl to watch our Baylor Bears WIN the championship, it was amazing!!!


I have to end with a picture of my co-workers…they are truly amazing! They make getting up every day worth it! It’s just us and we are like family, I am truly blessed I was able to go back to work here and have such a wonderful job!


As far as life in general…it’s good at the moment :) I have no complainants. I have a feeling this will be a good year, no matter the outcome…God is  GREAT!

1 comment:

Veronique said...

Looks like you`ve been having fun on your phone!! lol... Love your pics! I have the same coffee maker and love it too!!! Nice post.. Keep `em coming ;)


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