Thursday, January 19, 2012

Needing Prayers

I am asking for as many prayers as I can possibly get for a very sweet and dear friend of mine. 

A couple ears ago she was diagnosed with MS...a couple months ago she defeated breast cancer, had a double mastectomy/chemo and tomorrow (Friday) would have been her VERY last day for radiation. 

She was rushed to the hospital last night due to pain--the results were far from good news. 

A CT scan was done and they found that her cancer has spread and metastasized into her liver and lumbar spinal cord. Two of her vertebrae have cancer cells in the bone, as well as her lungs. We don't know what's going to happen.

Today she went to the oncologist, he was really concerned about the results of her CT scan, so he scheduled her for urgent MRIs of her throax, cervical region, lumbar region and general spine... then multiple x-rays of her torso and pelvis area... and tomorrow she has a PET scan. They're trying to narrow down the diagnosis and see how bad things really are. 

I am asking for prayers, lots and lots of prayers. 
Lorri is an amazing women, one of my greatest friends. She is in her mind 40's (very young) she has one daughter whom is really concerned naturally about her mom. PLEASE pray for Lorri and her whole family. 

I would greatly appreciate it. 


amiracle4us said...

tons of prayer for her and her family...

Holly said...

Sending lots of prayer your way for your very dear friend.

Sarah Mae said...

Saying lots of prayers for Lorri! <3

Kim said...

prayers are pouring out for her.

MINDYE said...

I a will pray for your friend.

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