Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pic A Day

I have participated in the February picture a day challenge--I however haven't had time to blog them :) So here is my day 1-16

DAY 1: MY VIEW-while getting a pedi

DAY 2: WORDS-from my sweet birthday card from my husband :)


DAY 4: STRANGER-while waiting for our movie date to begin 

DAY 5: 10AM--cleaning

DAY 6-DINNER: Forgot to take a picture of my dinner, so this was my yummy dessert!

DAY 7: BUTTON--off my jeans

DAY 8: SUN--the little we had that day

Day 9 (was a door--I forgot to take a pic of that one)
DAY10: ME :)

DAY 11: Something I love--My grandpa whom I miss dearly (pictured with his dog Pete from the Little Rascals) 

DAY 12: Picture of my closet-sneak peak because I'm guilty of a very messy closet these days :)

DAY 13: BLUE--rings at work :)

DAY 14: HEART--the necklace I want so bad :)

DAY 15: PHONE--my new phone cover

DAY 16: SOMETHING NEW--my bracelet I received for my birthday :)

I seriously planned on doing this daily or weekly, and as you can see I am on day 16 and just now blogging all of them :) 

Life has been crazy lately, and I promise as soon as I can gasp a quick breath I will update y'all on everything--EVERYTHING IS OK--just alot of little things :)


Sarah said...

Was your grandpa one of the Little Rascals? SO cool!

Kendall said...

Love your bracelet! So pretty!

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