Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gah' I'm Old

Today I am 28

My 10 year highschool reunuin is in June!

10 years I have been out of highschool!

I am only 2 years away from 30!

I went to Clinque the other day and stocked up on all sorts of anti aging products--call me crazy--but I am just preparing. Maybe it's age, maybe it's our infertility journey--but I find new gray hairs and new wrinkles every day...NOT COOL! So I guess hair dye and anti Clinque will be my best friends for a while :)

Gah' I'm old....


Amanda said...


Don't feel bad, I discovered a ton of grey hairs recently. I guess it's because I haven't dyed my hair since I got pregnant but I was like, " can this be?!?!" LOL

Hope your day is filled with TONS of happiness and pampering!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!

Ape said...

you are so silly! You are not old, but still older than me :) I hope your day is FANTABULOUS

KendelRichards said...

Ahhh anytime you need someone to make you feel better ab gray hairs come my way. Without my magic box of dye I would look like a grandma.

Kelly Watson said...

Happy birthday! Turning 28 had the same effect on me... I am always trying out new anti-aging products and checking my smile lines in the mirror. :)

Holly said...

Hope you have a wonderful and Happy Birthday :)

Marcie said...

Happy Birthday!!!
And I know how you feel girl!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday!!! I swear this sounds like I could have written this post lol. I just turned the same age last month, 10 year high school reunion this summer, and have been also looking into all the anti-aging products too, haha. Hope you have a great Birthday though! I'd love for you to follow my blog too, btw =)

Kendall said...

Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 20! Enjoy your day :)

Kez71 said...

Happy Birthday!!

I turned 40 last birthday and feel that same disbelief that you're feeling..just do what I do..say you're 26..year after year..there are no rules saying you have to be as old as your biology!
sorry about your grey hairs..i found my first one a few weeks ago. lucky we have hair dye these days!!

Amber said...

You are not old at all! I turn 31 next Saturday and I'm really beginning to feel really old!

Perfect Ring said...

Your lucky, just turned 30. You have no idea, going through a mini mid life crisis. Picking up my new car on Saturday. Fun times. From Engagement Rings

Heather said...

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fendou said...

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