Tuesday, March 12, 2013

31 weeks

Can you believe we are officially in the single digit week count down?? I swear the beginning of my pregnancy seemed to take forever; but now it's literally flying by!!

As far as cravings there all pretty much the same-I love fruits and veggies, salads, cold cold cold drinks, not a fan of anything sweet, as much as I used to like Mexican food I can only eat it every once in a while due to my horrible acid reflux, spaghetti has become a recent fav...

I'm def gaining weight now-seeing the scale move up at appts is the worst part about my appts haha! I try to bypass that point but they always have to have my weight-darn them!! :) Everyone's been telling me I'm tiny, I honestly don't see it-I think it's because I've gained so much in my hip,thigh,butt area- I feel anything BUTT tiny! Ha!!

My body has been aching-my hips and back at the end of the day are on fire! Thank The Lord for my sweet husband who gives me nightly massages. Although the relief is only temporary it feels so amazing! Sleep is hard because I feel like every organ in my body is being smushed by a 20lb child inside me-ha!! I'm think God's preparing me for a son who will be a night owl :)

The nursery is coming along! So exciting!! I can't wait till its done so I (and you) can see the final project!!

I go back in 2 weeks for my 33week check up! My maternity pictures are on the 23rd ((sooooo excited!!!)) and my baby shower is April 6th--so exciting!!! ((I've received alot of emails asking where we are registered-I promise I'm answering them as fast as I can--I don't mind posting it on here though; Target and Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot....I promise though I will respond to your emails as well as your questions)) :)

Thank you everyone for all the support through our journey TO pregnancy and so far THROUGH pregnancy! Means alot!! ❤

Not much longer till our little bean will be here!! :)


Ashley said...


Toni :O) said...

Gorgeous and yes, you are SO tiny....I'm so excited for you!!! I hope these last few weeks bring you much comfort, joy and peace.

Scarlett said...

Reader for a while, but never commented. Get your bag packed. My water broke at midnight the day I turned 37 weeks. I swear I thought I was having a 20lb baby because that's what I gained. But no, he was a 5 pounder. Good luck! Don't listen to other people's horror birth stories. I had the easiest delivery and recovery. Even if you have a hard delivery, there is a squishy baby as the reward!

Jennifer said...

I know you don't feel like it, but you really do look tiny, radiant, and beautiful. He'll be here so soon!

JoyBelle said...

Yay for single-digit countdown! I remember thinking, during my first pregnancy, that I'll never feel the same way again (about my body - not being achy or huge or waddling). But you do bounce back and soon the aches will be a distant memory. (My own hips and girly area and everything - so so so sore! Lucky girl to have nightly massages!!!)

Carly said...

Can't believe it's single digits already, seems like only a few weeks ago you did that cute announcement of your pregnancy on here.

Time sure does fly, and you look fantastic. Pregnancy really does agree with you!

Donna said...

Yes you are SO tiny!!!! You look great. Enjoy each and every achy minute!

Donna said...

P.s. So jealous of your massaging hubby!!!!

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