Wednesday, April 3, 2013

34 weeks

Holy moly Miles grew within the week! Actually I think overnight! I woke up one morning and BAM look at this belly!!

My cravings have really been spaghetti or chicken fried steak this week! Plus all my normal fruits and veggies and cold-cold water!!

Sleep-what's that?? No seriously what's sleep? Haha! I seriously sleep maybe 2-3 hours a night of I'm lucky. I'm getting used to it actually but I'm so ready for my hips as back to stop hurting so bad and the reason for my sleepless nights to be because of a little boy keeping me up at night :)

My baby shower is this weekend-I never dreamed I would be on this side of baby showers...I'm so anxious and excited! Our maternity pictures were rescheduled for this Sunday as well so we have a fun baby packed weekend!!

My Braxton hicks have been getting stronger and more frequent by the day. Sometimes they take my breath away but there my consistent so my dr assures me I'm ok-but my body's getting ready!

Sooo many exciting things and not much longer! ❤


Carrie said...

Oh wow! That belly is getting BIG! You are going to have the best time at your baby shower! I remember mine and it was such an unreal feeling that it was MY turn now. You just look so cute and so happy :)

Jennifer said...

Wow, he really did grow! You look amazing though. With both of my kids I had pretty much constant contractions and at times they were pretty painful. It was definitely exhausting. I hope and pray you're able to get some good rest during the end of your pregnancy.

Juliann said...

Such a cute belly.... :-)

Callie Nicole said...

You look so cute! Not much longer now, I can't believe you're already 34 weeks!

Sarina Coffin said...

oh wow, POP!!!! You look amazing Mommy! I am so happy things are going the way they should...sleepless nights, hip pain, back ache etc...all music to my ears :) Enjoy your shower and soak up all the attention as it is YOUR turn! hehe I look forward to more updates on your sweet precious blessing. All the best :)

Aaryn said...

You definitely got bigger-but you look fabulous! Wish I could look that cute! :)

Jamie said...

Woo-Hoo!!!! Im so excited for you. not long now! You look beautiful!

JoyBelle said...

Have a blast at your shower!!! Can't wait to see pics!

Toni :O) said...

You look beautiful and I'm so happy to see him growing. That is awesome and such a blessing! I hope you have the most fun ever at your shower...nothing like it for sure and have fun getting your priceless photos taken as well. I couldn't be more excited for you, really I couldn't! God bless!

ShannonLeideker said...

Oh my goodness! I have not looked at any blogs in about a year. I havent blogged in over 2 years :( I am SOOO excited you are pregnant! Wow! How amazing! You looked stunning with that belly girl! God Bless you and this miracle baby! Love, Shannon from Madi's Mended Heart

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