Friday, July 26, 2013

No training manual...

There is no training manual when you become a mommy, yes there is plenty of 'what to expect' books-but let's face it...they leave a lot of the nitty gritty details out. Soo I though I would share some things I've learned since being a mommy in this short 3 months :)

* You CAN function on little to NO sleep--how? I don't know, but you can!!

* You CAN get ready in 5 minutes or less-this includes a full shower (with shaving)....I think this is part of some super powers that come along with mommy hood...the ability to multitask (and multitask with ONE hand--because your baby is in the other---AMAZING!!)

*Any type of memory you had...IS GONE! You may have some super strength mommy powers, but memory goes KA-POOF!  ((You may possibly find your cell phone in the fridge, or keys in the bottle cabinet....just saying))

*A brown & green eyed couple CAN have a blue eyed baby (I find this fascinating!)

*The pain of your labor, if you had a difficult pregnancy, & even the difficulties with conceiving IS easily forgotten about once you lay your eyes on your child!

*Kiss heavy sleeping goodbye and say hello to waking up at every noise you hear! However this is only for mummy's...daddy's somehow have the ability to sleep through a screaming child??

*You will learn a new language 'baby talk' will probably catch yourself even talking to your husband in baby talk...and referring to yourself as 'mommy' is quite normal :)

*An ounce of juice (pear or apple) mixed with an ounce of water is the MAGIC potion to a gassy/constipated baby. We tried everything and this is the only thing that's pure awesomeness!

*Antibiotics will make an explosion down under-if you get my drift!!

* It's ok to have days where you stay in your PJ's ALL day :)

* Cooking becomes a challenge; I've learned to prep it all during his afternoon nap and put it in the fridge & then when it's time to start dinner I'm already ahead of myself.

* Our highchair has been a lifesaver. Miles loves it!

* Not all babies like bouncers & swings!!!

* Baby's can lose there hair ALL over there head-I misunderstood this one, I thought they would only lose it on the back of there head where they lay often...NOPE! EVERYWHERE!! My sweet pea could be in the process of balding, he sheds more than my puppy dogs right now ;)

* I know there's is much more I've learned, but remember where I said your memory goes KA-POOF....that's about where I am right now. :)


Tracy said...

Yay!! Welcome to mommy hood! Is gets better, teething, sickies,ouchies,wet kisses,hugs, just wait. I'm so excited your a mommy now. It was a long road and now your here. Enjoy every minute. Couldn't get any sweeter

ashlee mccrary said...

And at about 3 months, you'll start losing a lot of YOUR hair too! Dont worry, it's normal =)

Christel P said...

I've been a lurker for awhile..I found your story on TWW awhile ago. Anyway, just wait until you hit his first illness, and the first'll learn a whole new set of things!!
Speaking of doing things with one hand, my son (just turned 9 months today) leaked through his diaper the other night. I had him back to sleep in my arms before I knew the crib sheet was soaked too. So, with sleeping baby on my shoulder and arm, I totally changed his crib sheet, in the dark, with one arm!!
Lastly, your son's eyes may change color. The majority of babies are born with blue eyes. Once a baby hits 6 months, then you will have their permanent eye color!

Mike, Lisa, Autumn & Ryan Morgan said...

True true....take it from a seasoned mama. Hubby has brown eyes/ hair & I have green eyes brown hair.....son AND daughter blonde and blue.

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