Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inquiring About IVF

I’ve gotten a few emails of ladies who are inquiring about IVF. Was it hard? At times yes. Was it painful? The shots could be at times, ICE the area before hand. Is it worth it? Most certainly, we wouldn’t have our sweet miracle without it. Would I do it again? No. But let me explain…. It took us 7 years to be blessed with our Miles. We did several rounds of naturally, several rounds with assisted meds, 3 IUI’s, 2 IVF’s and 1 FET. That’s a lot of needles and a lot of money…we are so blessed and happy where we are in life with our sweet boy. I do not wish to try again. HOWEVER, I am not saying I do not want to be pregnant again. I’d love it if it were to happen on it’s own—and who knows years down the road we may decide to try again if nothing has happened…we may even decide to adopt. But right now we are enjoying this beautiful life of parenthood. Infertility wasn’t easy….but a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. My advice for those wanting to know if they should move forward. Go for it if you can. My husband and I have grew closer than ever during those years. Infertility made us the couple we are today. There is something about trusting in your husband to give you a shot that just makes life interesting…yes I said it…we had fun throughout all the pain. We had many laughs during the journey. YES there were many tears, but those tears made us stronger. The heartache brings you closer. FOCUS on the JOURNEY, not the destination. I know it’s hard, trust me I KNOW. I thought about the outcome many of days throughout the years…but at times you just have to let all that fear go for a moment and enjoy the bonding that infertility brings within a couple.


Team Harries said...

Thanks for sharing!

Life Happens said...

It took us over 9 years and we count our blessings every day for our little 2 yr old! And now I find myself back to the beginning as we are trying for #2. All those emotions that I went thru trying to have our first come flooding back full force. We are starting on this track again and I know it will strenghten our faith! It's definitely not easy, but for sure worth it. :)

Ashley said...

Just enjoy your time with your sweet pea! We tried for 3.5 years with a failed IVF and 2 failed IUI's and 2 cancelled IUI's. It was tough but like you said, it makes you stronger! I wonder how we did it sometimes though. We are adopting now and are thrilled! Only by having faith in God were we able to see the plan he had for us. You always amaze me and are such a strong woman!

JoyBelle said...

A friend of mine got pregnant without trying after having years of infertility and having a child through IVF or IUI (I forget which as it was several years ago now). Knowing what I know about her fertility let's just say it was shocking to everyone, including her, to see two pink lines without assistance. SO it CAN and does happen and that is my prayer for you when you're ready for another down the road. Love seeing all the Miles updates on Instagram throughout my day (I'm joybellejewelry on there - I might not always leave a comment but I try to leave comments on people's posts when I can!).

Susan Yoga said...
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twondra said...

Well said friend :)

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