Friday, August 2, 2013


I find the remote, my phone and so many other misc. items in the fridge that do not belong there. If you asked me something I said five minutes ago I honestly wouldn’t remember. I often walk into the laundry room to find that I left the washer lid up and my clothes are just sitting in water. I misplace things like crazy. I walk into the other room and stand there because I don’t know why I went in there….I often walk in circles wondering what on earth I’m trying to accomplish. WHERE DID MY MEMORY GO?

How is it when you have a child it just disappears? I can remember everything I need to regarding him, but don’t tell me to remind you of something…I won’t remember.

I went to the grocery store with my father in law the other day—as we were walking in he said ‘remind me to get…’. Oh boy is he relying on the wrong person! As we were wrapping up our shopping and heading to the checkout I did have a sense that I was forgetting something….I asked him ‘was I supposed to remind you of something’ (I’M SURPRISED I REMEMBERED THAT MUCH)…I couldn’t remember for the life of me what exactly I was supposed to remind him though.

I can officially say ‘I’VE LOST MY MIND’ …. I thought pregnancy brain was bad…when you have a child it gets much much worse. Say goodbye to memory and hello to postie notes (that’s the only way I remember).


JoyBelle said...

LOL! I can relate. Memory will return... slowly over the next couple years if you're not breastfeeding nor pregnant. We're just kind of in "survival mode" with our new babies.

I hate it when someone tells me to remind them of something. I even tell them that I won't remember so they need to set their own reminder, LOL! I can barely remember what I ate that morning, much less what someone else is needing or wanting.

Abbie said...

Oh right there with you! I forget everything now! I did think pregnancy brain was bad too, but now mommy brain is AWFUL!

Klizb said...

Pregnancy brain has NOTHING on mommy brain - as the parent of 18 year old and two year old girls I was just starting the see some improvement in the 'mommy brain' memory area when I got pregnant and hoo boy it hit me HARD! My poor daughter had been an only child for fifteen years, and suddenly (before baby was even born) I only got her name right half the time! Thankfully, she was even happier about the new addition than we could have hoped for, so she did not mind...too much. It is all worth it. I kind of think that it is one of the many small ways God helps remind us that focusing on our kids is the really important thing, and that the small stuff (even the weird small stuff) is not a big deal. It also helps us forget the whole morning-sickness-stretch-marks-labor-delivery-etc. we went through to have them!

~Shelly~ said...

It's true! MOMMY BRAIN! Im in the same boat & have been since 2007! But I remember what THEY need.. just not for myself or anyone else LOL! Wish I could say it all comes back but for me it hasn't!

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