Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Amarillo By Morning

I'm so proud of my husband. He is the illustration of what a man should be. He is such a hard working manager, the best dad to our little Miles, and a better husband than I probably deserve. I am blessed beyond measures. He has recently been offered a promotion within the company that will have us moving around 7 hours away from where we live now. It's such a huge change, a scary one-but yet so exciting at the same time. He deserves this new title and I'm thankful God placed me by his side to watch him grow and become the man that he is today.

With this move comes so much worry. Since he will be starting his new position before Miles and I are able to move that means we will be away from each other for a while. He will try to come home on weekends when he is able to, but we are really unsure of the weeks to come. I catch myself when I am in the middle of my tears because I know there are spouses out there overseas serving our country, there are widows out there praying for just one more time to see their loved ones--I shouldn't be sad/nervous over a few unknown months. But I am. I'm human.

I don't want to fail him as a wife, I don't want to fail Miles as a mom. There's days he gets home late and I question to myself how do single moms do this terrible two stage alone? I have one child going through these terrible twos...some moms are juggling it all. Am I doing something wrong? The stress of selling our house (thankfully it's under contract after being on the market for only a week, that's such a huge prayer answered from God), thankfully we do not have to pack a single thing in our house-a moving company will come and do all of that...all I have to do is take care of a two year old Tasmanian devil who can be a little bit angel/part terror at times-that should be easy enough right? Moms do it all the time. So why am I so overwhelmed. Maybe it's partly nerves of moving away from my hometown-I've been here for 31 years, it's all I know. I'm not a super huge fan of change, yet I truly am excited about this new adventure. I'm leaving my family, my normalcy.

I'm anxious, nervous, excited, scared and sad all in one....not to mention so proud and happy for my husband....and little terrified of being a single mom. I haven't had so many mixed emotions since going through IVF.

SOO-Here we come, Amarillo watch out!! Do I  happen to have any followers who live in Amarillo/know Amarillo?!!? :)


momof 3 said...

My husband lives 5 hours away for work.He moved 2 weeks before our youngest turned 2.It has been tough and we only see each other once a month for a week. I had to stay behind for my older kids they couldn't move. It will work out for you and you'll be together before you know it.Nights will be toughest and very long but you are strong and will get through. Good luck on your move and take it one day at a time. if you need to cry cry your little guy will understand that you miss his daddy because he will too.

malibukat said...

Best wishes on your move. So glad to hear from you and that your family is doing well.

Toni :O) said...

So great to see an update. Congrats on his promotion and the sale of your home. That is wonderful! It'll all work out. Keep the faith, God has the map for your journey. God bless.

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