Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week one in AMARILLO

Home sweet home-Amarillo is officially our 'home' now. It's beautiful and I love how dry the air is compared to the humidity back in Waco. We've played a lot outside during the days and evenings which is also another plus compared to the 100+ degree weather back in Waco. 

I did a lot of unpacking this week, since we had a moving company come and pack us it's been a nightmare finding things. I can tell you if we're in this I situation again I will do so many things different. I still have yet to find many of our kitchen items such as, spices, toaster, cutting boards, and some cooking utensils. I know the minute I give up and go out and buy more I will find that box. Our lamp shades are M.I.A. as well....our small rental (it's actually quite spacey for only two bedrooms) is full of boxes. We only plan on being here for 6 months before we buy or build-we haven't decided exactly what we want to do. 

Miles started school on Wednesday, the initial drop off was awful. I cried like I did when dropping him off when he was a newborn. I honestly think dropping him off as a newborn was easier because it was just 'me' that was scared. Seeing your child terrified of all the 'strangers' (kids and teachers who he doesn't know) was one of the hardest things. We even went to the daycare earlier in the week for a meet and greet so he would be a little familiar....I'm so thankful by Friday the teacher reached her arms out and he went to her without looking back at me. Some may be sad when they don't look back, personally it makes my mommy heart happy that he feels 'safe'. He has my shyness (until he gets to know you then he's so outgoing like his daddy) so him feeling safe makes this whole process easier for me and him. 

I've enjoyed some 'me' time, something I'm not used to and don't get often. Honestly it's quite boring, but it's nice :) I have one more week of unpacking (trying to find some things) and to get a few more things done/completed (like doctors/banks and know all that fun grown up stuff) and I start my new job the following week on the 10th. I will be working for the City in the HR/Payroll department. I'm excited to get my feet back into some normalcy, but so scared as well...back to my shyness and fear of driving in unknown places (thank heavens for GPS!!). 

Overall we made it 'home', life's great and my family is back together. It made me really appreciate all the military families and any others who have to be away from there spouses for months at times. Two months was hard on all of us and I'm so grateful were back together. 

God brings you on certain paths for a reason in life, you just have to trust in his plan, take his hand and let him guide you down this new journey. 

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malibukat said...

Good to hear from you again.
Wishing you best of everything in your new city!

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