Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grocery store venting

OK, So I had to go to the grocery store today for some things....I am standing in line at the checkout and there is this older lady with a younger girl and then a baby (probably around 2 years old). The baby wanted skittles realllllllly bad...the little girl kept saying no were fixing to go eat just hold on a bit (you could tell the baby was hungry just b/c she was whining, but she wasn't screaming or being a loud...just normal baby whining) well they start walking away and the mom (I am asumming)/older lady tells the baby to "SHUT THE F*** UP". OK so this REALLLLLLY makes me mad, however this the lady was TRIPLE my size I kept my mouth shut. I really don't feel good today b/c of my allergies moreless getting my butt kicked in a grocery store!

I just don't undestand some people. That is an inocent child...why do you have to tell them to "Shut the f*** up"??? That baby is just hungry, that baby wasn't being overly loud (I have witnessed WAYYYYY worse in public) The child was just obviously cranky and hungry.

Maybe I see things more now b/c I want a child of my own and would do anything to have one. Maybe I appriciate children more...I don't know what it is honestly, but I don't think you should ever speak to anyone like that, MORELESS A inocent child. That lady has NO idea how lucky and how blessed she is. A baby/child is a WONDERFUL blessing...I am not saying not to get angry or frustrated with your kids b/c I am sure that will happen. But this baby couldn't have been more than 2 years old, and on top of that she wasn't doing anything wrong AND on top of that...EVEN if she is frustrating you; you don't have to cuss at them.

It just breaks my heart...I guess everyone is differnt...I am STRONLY against talking/cussing at your children OR any of your loved ones like that!!!!!!

"Always count your blessing from God; for without them...life is meaningless"


Anonymous said...

That is just sad. Poor baby. And you know the minute that baby says a bad word, the mom is gunna slap the fire out of him/her. Sick.
Well we all know what park they come from- THE TRAILOR PARK!

Melody said...

That is HORRIBLE! I could never talk to my baby (or anyone) like that! Some people should NOT reproduce!

The McCrary's said...

I saw the SAME THING a few weeks ago at Dillards this man was talkin on his cell phone, not paying attention to like 3 kids he had & one of them wanted his attention & he told them to "shut up" That's just rude-not as bad as what you saw, but still rude. I would never speak to Rylie like that.

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