Monday, July 21, 2008

TTC Terms...

Well the past 2 1/2 years have been a journey...and I have LEARNED soooo much! Especially the trying to concieve "lingo". I remember going into my first TTC support group and reading "My AF.....we BD.....DH this...CD that...." I was COMPLETELY lost. I thought to in the world am I suposed to know what all this means??? Well....I learned and NOW I am "one" of those girls who use these words in every day use and have my family and friends go "What...what did you just say??" haha!!! I can't help it though, I talk to these girls every single day, it's normal to us to talk in this "lingo"...sooo....I thought I would let yall in on some of our TTC lingo :o)

*TTC=Trying to concieve

*BD=Baby Dance/intercourse

*AF= Aunt Flo/Menstrual Cycle

*CD=cycle day/the day your cycle is on

*DH=Dear Husband (in reference to when your talking about your husband)

*DD/DS=Dear Daughter/Dear Son (same as above)


*BBT=Basal Body Temperature

*BFN=Big Fat Negative (neg. pregnancy test)

*BFP=Big Fat Positive (positive pregnancy test)

*OPK=Ovulation Predictor Kit

*HPT=home pregnancy test

AND thats just the begining of the list...I could go ON and ON and ON. I don't know what I would do without those group of girls on my support page. They are amazing and they truly know what I am going though, and not only that...but they have taught me so much through this journey, inculding the above lingo ;o)...each one of them are little angels from above sent to help me through the TTC journey!

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