Friday, October 3, 2008

CD9 Follicle Scan---"Some of God's GREATEST gifts are UNanswered Prayers"

WELL…My body is ready; HOWEVER I WON’T be getting the IUI. Let me explain….my follicle grew to 21.5 today (SO IT’S READY!!!) and my lining is an 8.1 (SO IT’S READY). However I talked to my Dr. about the option of doing the IUI this afternoon and he just isn’t comfortable with it, you are supposed to have the trigger shot in your system for 24 hours prier to having the IUI, so 6-8 hours really isn’t going to cut it. He said he COULD do it, however he doesn’t think with the success rate it would help any more than just plan ol’ “baby dancing”. SO, he said to “save money” (which I am all for if he isn’t 100% positive on it) so….he said next time.( BUT HOPEFULLY there won’t be a next time b/c HOPEFULLY I will be pregnant this cycle!!!) He did give me the trigger shot, so that should make my egg release within the next 24 hours. (Remember this is the shot that REALLY MAKES me FEEL like I am pregnant, it’s an HCG shot, so it sends all these pregnancy hormones through your body…if I were to go home right now and take a test, it would be positive b/c of this shot. It’s a crazy shot, but it really helps boost your eggies) :o)

Everyone keeps asking, are you upset…NO I AM NOT. Of course I want the IUI, however the way I look at it is…if I can’t get it; it isn’t meant to be. Since my Dr. is an OBGYN and not an actual fertility clinic specialist, everything has to fall just PERFECTLY for an IUI (meaning nothing can fall over the weekend). SO I take this as a sign that #1 God is telling me that I don’t need an IUI or #2 God is telling me it’s not time for the IUI… regardless of his reasons I understand and I accept those. I know he has a plan, and I am letting him drive me through this journey. I had too much GOOD NEWS today to be down or dwell on the fact that I couldn’t get an IUI. God is amazing, and all things happen through Christ himself. I know you have all heard that song "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" by Garth Brooks; well I love that song and it's so true. Just b/c I am not able to get this IUI this time, or those times when God doesn't answer your prayers, it doesn't mean he doesn't fact, sometimes some of his greatest gifts ARE UNanswered prayers...he knows whats best for each of us, we just have to have Faith in him :o)

I go back on the 15th for my progesterone level test…now all we have to do it have what my Dr. calls “date night…or date weekend” HAHA!!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and messages, it means more than you will ever know :o)


Ape and Brett said...

i hope this is it tiff!! im so glad you had great news results!! Your body did it overnight and thats amazing!!! keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you!!

Shelly said...

Good Job Tiff!! Or as Kinley would say : YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (and clap)!!

Sandra said...

keeping you in my prayers sandy_p from cafe mom

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