Monday, October 6, 2008

Gotta Love Allergy Season.....NOT!!!!!

UHHHH, as much as I love this time of the year because of the fair, I also dread it. I am allergic to EVERYTHING is seems like, so about this time of the year (and Spring) my allergies go nuts! Yesterday morning I woke up all congested, well we went to church...went to breakfast with my grandparents, then we came home and I crashed while Zach did yard work (I was suposed to be cleaning about this time, but YEA RIGHT...all I wanted to do was sleep away my stuffiness!!!). WELL, Zach woke me up after he was done and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the store with him, so we went to HEB and got a few groceries, I stocked up on all kinds of tissue and allergy meds, then we headed back home. I took a shower, we ate super and about 8:00 I was sound asleep in Zach's lap while he watched the Steeler's game!!! I was OUT OF IT!!!! I just knew after sleeping so long that I would feel better this more...ummmm...thats a NEGATIVE!!!! haha!!!!

ON A GOOD NOTE....The fair is AWESOME!!!! I haven't uploaded any of my pics yet, and I am bummed I forgot my camera on Saturday night. We went last Thursday on sneak peak night, and we had a blast...then Saturday we went and we hung out with some friends that Zach went to school with, then when I found out Court was there we went on a hunt to try to find her and her Zack...finally found her and we hung out with them for a bit. I would like to say Kevin Fowler's concert was great, however I talked to ppl. the whole time so I wasn't paying attention haha!!!! We still have 3 more nights we get to go, and I am super duper excited!!!! Zach and I love the fair, we love going and watching the rodeo and just getting out and doing something in this boring ol' town of Waco! hahaha!!! We don't do the rides or play any games ((tooooo expensive)) but hanging out, eating turkey legs and roasted corn is one of my favorite times of the year :o) OHHH....I GOT some cowgirl boots and I LOVE THEM. I have been wanting some for a few months now, and Saturday Zach took me and got me some!!!! I will upload all the pics later...


The Millers said...

Hey we had fun talking with ya'll at the concert. We are going to try to go a couple more nights. We like to go to the rodeo as well. Let us know a night that ya'll are going and we can maybe try to meet ya'll there.

Anonymous said...

U should try those shower soothers. Those things are awesome!

and YES talk about expensive! We spent $40 on parking, tickets, 2 beers & 1 ride for Kinley! I was shocked!
Cant wait to see ur boots! There are some really cute pink and turquoise fat babys that im dying to have!

Amber070911 said...

Hey girl when you go back out there look for me I am working at the gates, taking tickets. tonight and tommorow I will be at gate 16 which is on the lake air side and after that I will be at gate 2, the front gate. I hope to see you!

~The McCrary's~ said...

I get allergies this time of year too & Claritin worked best for me because it's non drowsy-kinda expensive tho so WalGreens has generic brand if the meds you got dont help ya out. Hope you feel better soon!

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