Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Bad Restaurant Experience

OK, so I have never had such a bad restaurant experience before and had to share this with ya’ll. After church Sunday, Zach, myself, my mother in law, and my grandparents go to Don Carlos for lunch. We get there and there wasn’t “that” many people there, so we thought we wouldn’t have to wait long at all…I put down my name, and the lady said 15-20 minutes…ok, that works!! We had 5 people, so I knew “most” booths only sit 4, so I could understand why some people with groups of 2-4 were being seated before us…which was completely fine…well after about 40 minutes of waiting patiently I asked when we were going to be seated, the lady told me “next” OK…that works…well then I started thinking we can’t be next there is a group of 6 that still haven’t been seated and they are in front of us??? Well right about that time a person from the group of 6 complains and says, “why did you tell me we were next if were not, you told me we were going to be seated it “that” booth but yet another party that just walked in got seated there”…well shortly after that, they got seated. Well I asked Zach if that booth that the lady told me they were cleaning off for “us” was still there, and he said no, that’s the booth that the party of 6 were complaining about…SO not only did the lady tell me we were next and that was our booth being cleaned off, she told the same thing to the group of 6 right ahead of us. So I went to ask AGAIN when we were going to be seated and talk to her about what just happened, when I looked at the “name list” our name was 15 spaces above 15 MARKED out spaces (meaning that those 15 “parties” came in, after us, but got seated before us)…I asked to talk to the manager, I said look…I am not a big complainer, but this is ridiculous, I pointed and said look where our name is…I said I “might” could understand if these were all small parties, but there has been several parties over 5 that just walked in and were seated, not only that but we were told 15-20 minutes. The manager said I can get you in right now, I said it’s right now or were leaving (Zach was already outside b/c he was ready to leave)…when it was all said and done we were seated an hour after we got there…when we got to our table we were so hungry that scarfed down all our chips and hot sauce…the waitress came and I ordered cheese dip for everyone…the cheese dip came right out, however…now we didn’t have chips and all our drinks were empty and we couldn’t get anyone to come to our table…so here we are staring at this delicious looking cheese dip that we can not eat, and just watching it get colder by the minute, and debating whether to get up and get our own drinks…FINALLY we got our drinks, and chips!!! The food was wonderful, as it always has been when we have been there before, the service was HORRIBLE…I was really disappointed b/c I really liked this place, but now Zach has no desire to ever go back, we were really treated badly there. Our whole meal was free, which it should have been…we left Don Carlos at 2:45…WE GET OUT OF CHURCH AT NOON, we got to Don Carlos around 12:15, so we were there well over 2 hours…ridiculous!! I can’t say we won’t ever go back, b/c if I can convince my husband I would like too b/c I really do like there food, however it will be a long time before we do go back!!!!


Anonymous said...

i do hate when that crap happens!! last time our service was good but food was terrible! haha u just never know.

~the mccrarys~ said...

aw man! i was hopin it wasn't this place bc i was gonna suggest we get together there on our next visit to waco! lol

~the mccrarys~ said...

PS you've now made me hungry for mexican food & queso especially! payback for the bbq thing last wk?

Melody said...

I HATE THAT! Especially when it's a place you really like! Sorry that happened to you all!

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