Saturday, November 15, 2008


You're it!
Now if you read this & have a blog of your own, you gotta do it too! Go to the picture folder on your computer.Open the 4th folder. Pull up the 4th picture.
Tell us about it...

This was at the Jimmy Buffett concert, this was my 2nd time going. Zach and I had so much fun, his concerts are a blast! Everyone dresses "hawaiian "...I had an amazing time, thank you honey for some wonderful memories!!!!


David & Ashlee McCrary said...
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David & Ashlee McCrary said...

That's so cool Zach participates in themes! David never does them with me! lol

Ashley said...

Hi! I found your blog when I googled 3rd IUI:) YOur positive attitude and love for God is really inspiring! I am doing my 3rd IUI next week! GOod luck to you and your husband! I will be praying for you

Ashley said...

Thanks! I added you to my blog list too:)

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