Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me &My Life--Prayer Request

Ok, Ok so several people have been asking about "me"....about "my life". To be honest my life really hasn't had anything majorly interesting to blog about.

As far as infertility stuff were pretty much at a stand still until the fertility clinic visit in unfortunately I don't have any new updates on that...

My mom is doing great--walking a tad bit. Her physical theraphy is hurting her pretty bad; but seems to be helping which is amazing.

Zach is doing great; he went to work this past week; but just stayed in the office and helped around vs. getting on the truck and doing his route work. He to is going to physical therapy-which so far isn't hurting him "too" bad.

As for "me"....hmmm.....I got my hair cut!!! See --->

Starting on June 15th I will be attending my very first "boot camp". Click here to if you want to read about it. It's local and I am extremely excited about look forward to the "what was I thinking-I'm exhausted posts" :) One of the major reasons I decided to do this was to help me get through this "waiting" period before our fertility clinic visit...I may seem OK, but I truly am a nervous wreck. Boot camp will be M-W-F from 6pm-7pm for 5 weeks, it will end right before my appointment, which is great....just enough time to keep me busy throughout these weeks.

Also yesterday when we went to Zach's PT I was talking to the lady working on him, I mentioned my back hurting and she immediately started asking me questions...she asked me to hop up on the table so that she could check something, well turns out my back is way out of line, my spine pretty much goes in every direction possible, I have a little scoliosis at the bottom (which I knew that) but she told me the reason my back is always in pain is because my spine needs to be re-aligned. In TX they can't "fix" you until you get a referral from your Dr. to go to physical therapy; so unfortunately I am still in pain...I will most likely make an appt this week sometime. (just one more thing to add to the "I'm Broken List".

Zach and I went over to my brother in law's friends house the other day for a cook out, and I was sitting there cradling my dog like a baby (b/c #1 that's how she likes to be held and #2 she IS my baby)...well there was this girl there who was holding a real child...I'm playing "goochie-goo" with my DOG and she is playing "goochie-goo" with her baby, I wanted to break down and cry right then and there. Babies normally don't bother me, actually I LOVE being around any child. I LOVE my doggies, they are spoiled rotten, always will be....but when I looked across the room and saw her snuggling with her baby while I was snuggling with my "4-legged" baby it did put an ache in my heart...but since I don't have any kido's to snap pictures of and post all over my blog, I must snap pictures of my lovely doggies....there my kids for now.




Also, I have a couple prayer request...

Kami-she just finished her 2nd IVF and is seeing "2 pink lines"; please pray that her little baby/babies stick and that she has a happy and healthy pregnancy...please pray for strength for her right now as she is very nervous.

Ashley-she just found out she was pregnant recently and is now experienceing some spotting...please pray that everything is ok and that this spoting is nothing serious. Also pray for strength for her as she is nervous.

Katie-she is about 8 weeks pregnant with twins, on Wed. they discovered that baby A didnt have a heartbeat and quit growing, please pray that baby B continues to grow and that she will have a happy and healthy pregnancy. She too is really nervous and scared, so please pray for strength for her.

Q&A post will be up Sunday or Monday, if you have any questions you want answers to send them to me before then :)

I've recieved a couple cards in the mail recently--really really sweet cards and I must say a HUGE thank you! I really needed that! I appriciate all of ya'lls prayers and support more than you will ever know!!!! One of the cards was so amazing that a blog will be coming about it pretty soon....see I promise I have all these things I want to blog about, I just really haven't had the time with taking care of my 2 patients...but I promise I have a few "special" blogs coming soon!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your babies. My babies are 55 and 100 pounds, so they don't quite fit on my lap but not for a lack of trying!

Melody said...

Your hair is too cute! I'm still praying for Kam and Ash! I really want everything to be ok! Love you lots! Oh, and Bailey REALLY needs her own bracelet so that I can keep mine to myself :) I'm afraid she's going to break it :)

Elisabeth said...

Oh Tiffany I am so sorry I know all to well about those parties. I've all but stopped attending Baby showers (except those of very close friends who've waited so long) and about two weeks ago Dan and I went to our church's monthly married couples Date night well a fairly new couple who've been attending our church for about 6 months and have an adorable little boy. Well I went in to the party and 3 times in 2 minutes she said she was pregnant. The last time it was extremely loud and could have been heard across the room. I wanted to leave right then and there or just go somewhere and cry. It definitely ruined my evening. There are several of us at our church who are experiencing infertility and one couple in our same situation who started ttc a short time after we did. She can't bring herself to go to baby showers either. I am going for another round of tests at the doctor soon and also will find out the results of some blood work, I am just so scared. I will be praying for you!

Angelwingsbaby said...

I like the haircut, it's very cute! I too have a couple of fuzzy kids.There are pics of them in my blog a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Tiff, I love your haircut. You always look amazing.

My heart aches for you as you cuddled your doggie baby. They are SOOO adorable.

The bootcamp sounds absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to hear all about it..even if you are tired.f

twondra said...

Love the haircut. :) Thanks for the update on everyone. I hope you can get your back feeling better. I have a bad back and so I know how it feels. :(

He And Me + 3 said...

Since I am fairly new around here it was nice to read an update. I love your hair. Sorry about your back, I too have a bad back that I see the Chiropractor for.
Good luck with boot camp...I hope you are in better shape than me, because i started the Shred with Jillian Michaels and I could barely walk the next day. OUCH.
Your puppies are so cute.
Have a great day.

Ashley said...

I CANNOT wait for bootcamp!!!! It is totally going kick our butts, but it will be so worth it!! I love seeing the puppies!! I love them and I showed Ave's and of course she freaked out and wanted to just keep looking at them! Ha...I will be saying prayers for those ladies and their families. Love ya-

Rosie said...

I LOVE your haircut sweetie! It's so cute & "summery."
I'm glad your hubby & mom are doing better. I'm still praying for them. And you have the luckiest doggies EVER b/c you are a great mommy to them! I like the pics of them too!
Love ya!

Kristin said...

You look absolutely adorable! And, I loved seeing pictures of your babies too.....they are precious!! Good luck with boot camp!

Kelly said...

Your haircut is SUPER cute! I have been growing my hair out for the past 3 years..and it is getting very long, however whenever I see a pretty girl with short hair I think "oh I wish I had that cut"! lol And that's what I said when I saw you! :)

Please know that my family thinks of you and prays for you often. My heart breaks for all of the precious families who are experiencing infertility - you are such an insperation to SO many people..including me. I love that you share your whole heart with all of causes all of us to be more aware. I have a hard time with baby showers myself - since we lost Libby when she was 5 months old. And now when I see a two year old girl I often sit there and think "that should have been me and my girl..".

I will never fully understand why we have to suffer through such heartache..on so many different areas of life. Thankfully we can cling to our faith and our sisters in Christ.

Keep fighting sweetie! God has a plan and a purpose and a hope and a wonderful future in store for your beautiful family! :) You and your children to be will be amazing warriors for Christ! I just know it!

Hugs to you dear friend!!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the shout out;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut!! Love the pics of your "babies"!! Sorry you had to deal with that!! I missed your posts...glad your're "back"!! (((HUGSS))

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

your hair looks super cute and i think boot-camp-to-keep-your-mind-and-body-occupied is a WONDERFUL idea!

Mimi said...

No matter what you do, you always look so darn cute!!! Good luck at boot camp and I can't wait until your appointment. It's time to get this show on the road!!! Thank you for the prayer request and I will definitely be praying for the other girls. Your babies are adorable. I just love them. I'm sorry you were hurting at the cookout. I know all too well how that felt. Love you honey. Your time is coming! God has something so special in store for you!

Love you,

Katie said...

OMG thank you so much for the prayer request! I love you!!! And your hair ;)

Gina said...

Love love LOVE that haircut!! You are so super cute!

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