Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pifer Life

Count Down With The Pifers

10 days until we open the next chapter of our lives— excited…nervous…anxious...


Family Updates

Zach-he is still feeling great--they said by the 14th of July he will either be completely done with physical therapy or only going one time a day…he had another follow up appt today; the Dr. said that everything looks amazing...Praise God!!!

Mom-she is doing okay...still going through a very depressed phase right now so if you could all continue to pray for strength for her to get through this- that would be amazing! She has overcome so much and I know she will be able to overcome this!

Me-Still attending boot camp-which I’m still loving! We are finally seeing results- which makes all the hard work worth it!!! I started my first birth control pill yesterday and I got extremely sick :( I remember back when I was on birth control years ago I went through a very sick stage—about the first week (I guess it’s all the hormone changes!?), so this isn’t a shock that I am feeling bad now…but it’s not fun! So please say a tiny prayer that it doesn’t stick around too long…



Questions for Zach are still being taken as this post had to be delayed, so good news-if you haven't asked him a question, you still have time. He has seen some of the question and is excited about expressing his feelings on a lot of things. You can leave your question in the comments here or email me.

Changes are coming soon---I am still working on that post-it’s not an easy one to type up, so stay tuned.


Big events over the weekend…

Saturday night we went to an Aaron Watson concert with our friends, Rosemary, Mindy and Jessica. It was a local concert, which was a live recording for an upcoming album. Tickets were extremely cheap, so it was very hard to pass up. I had a blast hanging out with my girls—at one time we were all on the dance team together in high school; so it was great being able to spend time with everyone. Here are a few pictures from the weekend (these are the only ones I took with my camera, when Rosemary post hers I will steal them!)

Me and Rosemary

Mindy and I

Me and Rosemary

Me and My honey


Anna said...

Hey girl! Just thought I'd check in and say hello!

Rosie said...

Yay for the official countdown! I'll try to post my pics as soon as possible. My boss is gone now so hopefully tomorrow. Remember that my laptop is messed up so I can't do it at home.
Love ya!

Following Him said...

I am so *excited* for you guys and the countdown. Continued prayers for you and your family! YAHOO for results in bootcamp.

Shannon H said...

Don't post too much but read often - know that I'm keeping y'all in my prayers!

Chell said...

How exciting, the countdown is almost complete! Sending prayers your way the appt. goes well!

Ashley said...

I am love the countdown and I hope the BC doesn't make you feel too bad for too much longer. Wish I could have been at the concert. Ya'll all look soo good in the pics :) Love ya.

Veronica said...

Love the pics! My favorite is the last one of you and Zach! I also love that cross necklace you were wearing. So cute!!!

Mimi said...

Continuing prayers coming your way!!! Of course you look stunning in all your pictures!

Yay for hubby!!!

Praying really hard for your mom......

I'm so glad boot camp is doing well!!! Woo hoo!


Amy said...

You're in my prayers Tiff. I hope the pills don't cause you to be sick for long dear!

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