Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I wanted this post to be so different; I had an amazing day planned for my amazing husband--and I feel so bad that he is having to spend Fathers Day like this. My sweet husband may act very tough, even to me...but I know deep down how bad he is hurting today.

I do know that when God blesses us with a child my husband will make a terrific father; after my transfer Zach would kiss my stomach each night and morning, and pray for our sweet little beans. He would tell them  'Daddy loves you, hang in there', he was so very protective of me and our little beans. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man, one who I know will be one of the best fathers in the world! 

I could not have gone through this without Zach-he has been my support, he has held me up when I wanted to fall down. He is literally my rock and my strength! I love him with every beat of my heart; I know one day he will be a daddy, some how, someway...God will make that happen-I believe that and I can't wait till that day comes when he can experience fatherhood! 

So on Fathers Day, I honor my husband in so many different ways. He is MY inspiration throughout all of this. I love you honey!!!

(Happy Fathers day to our Dad's and sweet Grandpa's as well!!)


Diana said...

What a nice post.. definitely know the feeling. We just have to BELIEVE and continue to have faith that one day our husbands will become a father one day! It's going to happen... enjoy ur day =)

Donna said...

My heart aches for you! Your "can-do" attitude will see you through to a wonderful family! You will BOTH be extra-ordinary parents and enjoy each day a little more because of all you have been through.

Ms. Agora said...

Remember he is a father to your wonderful fur babies. That is what I told my husband today.

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