Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whats Next?

Good Question!

When I find out, I will let y'all know! 

I am sure we will pursue another sometime. I'm sad to say it won't be anytime soon! It's not because we don't want to by any means; it's because we can't. 

The only reason we were blessed to be able to do this IVF was due to the insurance at my work; with our store closing we will lose that insurance and sadly we don't have enough time at this store to fit in another cycle. (I've thought about that--trust me)...we also won't be able to do cobra, we've checked into that as well. We've thought about another Talbots for the time being, but due to the fact that most of my insurance money has been used and this next cycle would consist of some out of pocket money the commute just isn't worth it....

So with all of that said, I don't know whats next for us. 

I do know that when God closes doors, He always opens new ones. So we might not know what tomorrow holds-but He does. The unknown paths in life can be quite scary, but with Him guiding us through this we can do it! I'm not quite sure why were presented such an opportunity, like having insurance for IVF, if it wasn't meant to be--however I am sure that in God's scheme of plans it was meant to end this way and was most defiantly an important chapter in our lives. We will look back on this one day and realize why this didn't work; everything will come together and make perfect sense...but for now as hard as it is, we just have to have Faith in the Big Man upstairs and trust in him as he guides us. He presented us the opportunity once, and if another IVF is in His plans for us we will be presented with the option to do another one. Until then, we pray and lean on each other for strength.

I do have to thank each one of y'all for your support, I have received an out pour of cards, emails, texts, calls, and so much love it's unreal! Zach and I really are humbled from the generosity of so many---many that don't even know us in real life-it's amazing the love and support we have. I really can't begin to explain just how much it means to us--how much everyone's kind words are helping to mend our hearts. We are blessed and we thank y'all for everything!


boymom3 said...

I am so sorry for your situation. I have been down that road. I found your blog through another blog and I also live in Waco. I have 2 in vitro babies and 1 adopted. (they are not babies anymore) If you are considering adoption, check out They are in Waco and they keep their fees much lower than most agencies. They are awesome!!! You can email me for more info

Ashley said...

You have so much strength that I admire! Whenever I read your blog you always give me more umph to keep going:) I have always considered myself positive but I think you are even better at it....and that is a good thing!!!! Maybe next year you can transfer to another location and try IVF.

Stacey said...

Good Luck and we are praying for you. what about a FET a frozen cycle?

wallacefamilyblog said...

just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. God always opens the perfect door and he always knows exactly what is right even though we want different things. That lesson was so hard for me to realize.

Veronica said...

I totally agree with you about the Lord having a plan. I've asked myself lots of times over the last few months "why" some things are the way they are. Instead of asking for why's I've been feeling the Lord tell me to just continue to trust Him. His plans for us are always better than ours and if we just continue keeping our eyes on Him, he'll take care of the rest!

Love ya sweet friend and just know you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. :)

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