Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life is Fragile...

Zach expierenced a moment that will stay for him with the rest of his life--a moment that can haunt you.

Yesterday Zach found a man (co-worker at a distant branch) in there work truck passed away--

The guy had a massive heart attack in his truck--Zach went up to check on him as most thought he was 'napping before his long trip back to his branch'---Zach said his gut instinct told him something was seriously wrong, when he opened the door he shook the guy and just thought to his self  'please wake up...' Zach checked his pulse, said it was very cold and his face blue, so Zach ran in to call 911...once the ambulance got there they confirmed he had passed.

He handled the situation so great-I am proud of how great he handled it. However when he got with me I could tell how shaken up he was--all he kept telling me was 'I just wish he would have woken up'..

Please keep this gentleman's family in your prayers-such a hard time to go through.

Say a little prayer for Zach as well as he continues to replay the situation in his head-

On a side note, we found out that my sweet friend Lorri's cancer is incurable, right now they are trying to determine the best pain management to make her comfortable-we have no idea 'how bad' things are at this time. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Sometimes it seems like your surrounded by bad things happening...
'Life is fragile, Handle with Prayer'


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I'm a nurse by trade. Before we adopted, I worked in nursing homes. It's never easy to see someone die or find them already passed. Saying a prayer for Z.

Holly said...

Sending lots of prayers

Rachel said...

So very true.

My prayers will be with your husband and with the family. Such a sudden loss has to be difficult.

Murray said...

Hope Zac is okay, I can't even imagine how traumatic it would be to find a co-worker passed away at work. Zach and Lorri will be in my prayers.

Stacey said...

Saying prayers tonight for this man's family, for your friend Lorri, and for you and your hubby. Very sorry to hear that you've been faced with such tough news lately.

amy said...

Both of these stories, are so sad! Will definitely keep your husband and friend in my prayers.

KendelRichards said...

We will absolutely keep this on our prayer list over the next few weeks. I pray zack is able to find peace and sleep as well.

Ape said...

I still can't believe that happened!! I hope Z is ok

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