Sunday, January 29, 2012


That best describes how I feel at the moment :(

Since Tuesday I have felt bad, Wednesday I started a little pesty cough...Thursday it got a little worse...Friday it increased and Saturday it was awful.

I had to work Saturday-and throughout the day I just kept feeling weaker and weaker...

On my way home I went to the Treat n Go clinic that I pass on my way home from work--I have never been to an urgent care clinic, but it's not so bad!!

I have been diagnosed with Bronchitis---BUMMER!! She stated my lungs sound a little 'junky' but it's not quite pneumonia! PHEW!!

I came straight home, literally was crawled in bed by 7:30---woke up at 8am, ate me a cinnamon roll and now I am back in bed--sounds fun huh?

I feel awwwfull :(


Breanna said...

Oh no! I hope that you feel better soon! I'm glad it didn't develop into pneumonia!

Feel better soon!

Amanda said...

Hey girl, I've been thinking about you lately. Sorry you are sick. :( When you get a minute, email me and update me. Hope you start feeling better ASAP!!

Kelly said...

Well that's NO fun! :(

Praying you get better ASAP!!!

Holly said...

I'm praying you get better soon

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