Sunday, January 29, 2012


That best describes how I feel at the moment :(

Since Tuesday I have felt bad, Wednesday I started a little pesty cough...Thursday it got a little worse...Friday it increased and Saturday it was awful.

I had to work Saturday-and throughout the day I just kept feeling weaker and weaker...

On my way home I went to the Treat n Go clinic that I pass on my way home from work--I have never been to an urgent care clinic, but it's not so bad!!

I have been diagnosed with Bronchitis---BUMMER!! She stated my lungs sound a little 'junky' but it's not quite pneumonia! PHEW!!

I came straight home, literally was crawled in bed by 7:30---woke up at 8am, ate me a cinnamon roll and now I am back in bed--sounds fun huh?

I feel awwwfull :(

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life is Fragile...

Zach expierenced a moment that will stay for him with the rest of his life--a moment that can haunt you.

Yesterday Zach found a man (co-worker at a distant branch) in there work truck passed away--

The guy had a massive heart attack in his truck--Zach went up to check on him as most thought he was 'napping before his long trip back to his branch'---Zach said his gut instinct told him something was seriously wrong, when he opened the door he shook the guy and just thought to his self  'please wake up...' Zach checked his pulse, said it was very cold and his face blue, so Zach ran in to call 911...once the ambulance got there they confirmed he had passed.

He handled the situation so great-I am proud of how great he handled it. However when he got with me I could tell how shaken up he was--all he kept telling me was 'I just wish he would have woken up'..

Please keep this gentleman's family in your prayers-such a hard time to go through.

Say a little prayer for Zach as well as he continues to replay the situation in his head-

On a side note, we found out that my sweet friend Lorri's cancer is incurable, right now they are trying to determine the best pain management to make her comfortable-we have no idea 'how bad' things are at this time. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Sometimes it seems like your surrounded by bad things happening...
'Life is fragile, Handle with Prayer'

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Needing Prayers

I am asking for as many prayers as I can possibly get for a very sweet and dear friend of mine. 

A couple ears ago she was diagnosed with MS...a couple months ago she defeated breast cancer, had a double mastectomy/chemo and tomorrow (Friday) would have been her VERY last day for radiation. 

She was rushed to the hospital last night due to pain--the results were far from good news. 

A CT scan was done and they found that her cancer has spread and metastasized into her liver and lumbar spinal cord. Two of her vertebrae have cancer cells in the bone, as well as her lungs. We don't know what's going to happen.

Today she went to the oncologist, he was really concerned about the results of her CT scan, so he scheduled her for urgent MRIs of her throax, cervical region, lumbar region and general spine... then multiple x-rays of her torso and pelvis area... and tomorrow she has a PET scan. They're trying to narrow down the diagnosis and see how bad things really are. 

I am asking for prayers, lots and lots of prayers. 
Lorri is an amazing women, one of my greatest friends. She is in her mind 40's (very young) she has one daughter whom is really concerned naturally about her mom. PLEASE pray for Lorri and her whole family. 

I would greatly appreciate it. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Iphone Fun

I  realize I have probably became the worst blogger EVER—it seems that no matter how hard we try-life will not slow down!

One downfall is my laptop has finally CRASHED—I knew it wouldn’t be long, it seems as though that poor thing is ancient! We have a desktop but I hardly ever have time to come in the office and do much of anything, so he bought me a netbook so I can do my blogging and surfing the internet at night in the living room with him :)

Here are a few iphone pics I took within the last week-two…


I have been wanting a ‘fur vest’ since they became popular, well this gal finally has one!


My sleepy Steeler fan just couldn’t stay awake to watch us lose our chance to the Superbowl, can’t say I blame him..I wish I was able to sleep as well…I died all of my highlights out of my hair, back to al ’natural.


Probably my favorite 2 items recently. I have had the bracelet (got it where I work) it’s monogramed with our initials and wedding date on the back, however I had our jeweler solder the very first present Zach ever got me onto it…I just don’t where many necklaces, and it sat in my jewelery box, I love how it turned out! Now I can wear it every day! And I finally joined the ‘Keurig Club’ haha…I am in LOVE!


If you are able to get your hands on Chocolate Shop wine, I suggest you try it…IT’S AMAZING! Taste like a chocolate covered cherry if that’s something you like, you will love this wine!—and my sweet Ginger decided she loves strawberries—:)


Zach and I went to the Alamo Bowl to watch our Baylor Bears WIN the championship, it was amazing!!!


I have to end with a picture of my co-workers…they are truly amazing! They make getting up every day worth it! It’s just us and we are like family, I am truly blessed I was able to go back to work here and have such a wonderful job!


As far as life in general…it’s good at the moment :) I have no complainants. I have a feeling this will be a good year, no matter the outcome…God is  GREAT!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Crazy Beautiful Life

Life doesn't slow down, ever! Even if youw want it too...

I caught y'all up with my husband and his wreck--

But I haven't update y'all on what we have done the past few here is a real fast forward...

I of course have been working 6-7 days a week--our Christmas was busy-a little rushed unfortuantly due to little time off from work, but it was great--Zach nor I have really done alot each other present wise for a long time, we have always saved our money vs. doing presents, but this year Zach spoiled me--he IS the sweetest, and I am very blessed---Our New Years was great! We didn't do a thing, we sat at home, made a fire outback and had perfect closure to a not so great year...throughout all of this my sweet Grandma fell and broke her leg :( and my moms health is always a seems like it's always something---she recently went to the Dr and they believe she has had a couple more mini strokes, so they are sending her to her brain Dr, who will hopefully give us more information soon...WE did manage to squeeze in going to the Alamo Bowl to watch our Baylor Bears play and WIN! Talk about AMAZING!!

Thats a 'fastforward' of our life, haha!!

I do want to thank ya'll for all the sweet emails and comments I recieved today, the prayers and the support mean so much to me and Zach!!

'The best is yet to come 2012'


Do you have instagram? If so I wanna know!! <3

Look me up! (tpifer)

I have a new addiction...

Sunday, January 1, 2012



First let me apologize for being MIA lately, we ended 2011 in a BANG---a not so great bang.
About 2 weeks ago, my husband went on a hunting trip with a friend, I have been working Saturday and Sundays, so he figured it would be the perfect time to go away for the weekend to go hunt...Sunday arrived and I got up to go to work like normal--about a couple hours later I received a horrible phone call from my husband telling me he was in a horrible car accident and his truck was totaled.

I knew in my heart with him calling me 'he was ok'...but he was 2+ hours away and I wanted him in my arms now! He wouldn't share many details of the wreck over the phone--one being because there were paramedics, firemen, police officers and news crews all around him...when I finally met up with him I realized why he wouldn't share details; it's a PURE MIRACLE he survived that horrible accident. There were a total of 5 cars involved, all because one lady wasn't paying attention and went sideways on the husband walked away with severely bruised legs and his passenger walked away with a could have been much worse, and for that I am so beyond grateful!

It's moments like those that you realize your whole life, everything you love and adore could be gone in a blink of an truly do not know what tomorrow holds. I am so thankful that God was watching down on my husband and his friend during that moment...cling onto your loved ones, because you never know when God will call them home!

SOO---as you can imagine we have been dealing with insurance companies and getting a new truck for Zach RIGHT in the middle of the Christmas holiday, and if things couldn't get worse the day after Zach's wreck we found out a sweet friend of ours passed away unexpectedly needless to say, the past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind!


We haven't had the best of years, lets face was probably one of our worst...we have had so much
 heartache, so many bumps in the road and many obstacles thrown in our face this year...but we are STILL STANDING!!!

We have many new adventures planned for this year, were taking a huge step and praying that this is the plan that God has in store for us! We are praying that 2012 is a HUGE year for us...although no one knows what tomorrow holds, more less a whole year...I pray that 2012 is much better than 2011...and I pray the same for y'all...

I hope you all have a blessed year. I realized in 2011 if I can make it though all that we have been through, I can make it through anything...We will never give up, or lose faith in our dreams! It's a NEW year, for NEW beginnings!! Don't ever go a day without expressing your love to the ones you love the most, tomorrow is not a guarentee.

HAPPY 2012

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